Dixie-Mae Turner II Nineteen Years Old II Singin Strays (College) II Fifth Year

"I refuse to work under these conditions." -Dixie

↳ Biography:

Dixie-Mae Turner, daughter of the famous band member Adam Turner, is a great example of someone who was raised to have talent. As a child, her father always pushed her to play any instrument that she could get her hands on. As she grew older however, it became evident that Dixie just didn’t do instruments. Instead, her talent was apparently in her voice. After singing a merry little tune, aged eight, Adam realised that he’d be wrong about where his daughters talent lay and immediatly began giving her vocal lessons whenever he could. Dixie-Mae lived on the road with her father and his band. After being surrounded by people who fully supported her talent, Dixie-Mae became very aware, and some might say snobbish, about her talents. It’s this factor about her personality which puts some people off being friends with her. Thanks to being raised around musically gifted people, Dix is also rather harmonious, able to match or hamonise any note that she is given.

Dixie-Mae also does not help with blondes around the world being labelled ‘ditzy’. She is one of the most clumsy people that you might ever know. Constantly tripping over cables backstage, or breaking a nail, it’s something about herself that she hates and wishes that she could fix. Her upbringing also meant that she was surrounded by a lot of males, which also meant that, depiste what you may think, the blonde grew up to be very concious about her looks. Some say that she is rather eccentric and takes her love for glitter a bit too far, however underneath all the make up, Dixie-Mae is a genuinely pretty person. If you ever see her without the make-up and glitter plastering her face, count yourself honoured because it’s not often that she is without it. When full relaxed and covered in make-up, Dixie is a rather silly and playful person. She’s a great friend to  the people who actually make it to the friendship stage with her and she is extremely loyal. The confidence that she has also means that she isn’t afraid to aproach guys, or even flirt with them. Whilst she isn’t exactly Vanessa Van-Shew-slutty, Dixie see’s no problem with the odd hookup as long as the usual rules applies; neither of you are in a relationship, neither of you has an STD ect.

An example of one of these people might be Georgette Bilson. The two met in a music store buying sheet music one day. Their personalities somewhat clash and for about an hour after going for the sheet music, all they did was argue. However on meeting again at a later date, they agreed that they were so similar that they may aswell team together and be friends. It is not unknown to see them rehearsing together. Other performing people she is friends with are Todd Foxton and Vixey Addison. She is very friendly with a vast majority of the drama department, aswell as the school’s music teacher, Mr Rodger Radcliffe, who is a fan of her fathers music. The music department support Dixie and her talent, however sometimes feel that her snobbish and overly self-confident ways can be a little off-putting. Dixie herself cannot stand being around people who do not understand her so will often spend what time she should be spending rehearsing or practising, in the local karaoke bar entertaining the public. It is here where she ran into school jock, Daniel Copper. Copper and Dixie got along extremelly well, even planned to do a few duets together however that was until the owner of the bar gave one of Dixie’s usual slots to Copper. That was crossing the line in her eyes and she wouldn’t have it. Dixie did anything she could to get her usual slot back, which meant begging to her childhood friend KC Cash who worked at the bar in his spare time to talk to the boss. It also included deceiving Todd into thinking that Copper prefered performing over spending time with him. Then there was going as far as reaching out to Copper’s Uncle, Mr Amos Slade, to make him aware of Copper’s activities. Collectively, this all ended up working in the end and Dixie got her slot back however Cash found out about Dixie’s tricks and was not impressed.

Dixie and Cash met when her father put together the ‘Singin’ Strays’ as an opening act for his band. They grew up together on the road and saw each other develop as people. These two are closer than the rest of the act as there is rather a large age difference between them and Granny Rose, and the twins, Waylon and Flloyd, are always seem as “slightly maybe possibly too immature” to try and befriend. Whilst you wouldn’t usually expect such a level-headed nice guy like Cash to be friends with Dixie, he saw her before performing got to her head and also see’s her without all the make-up and glitter, when she is at her most vulnerable point. He’s always the one that is left to assure people that “once you get past the beautiful blonde hair and eye-burning glitter, she’s a great gal”. Everybody else can see the way he flirts with her now, apart from Dixie herself, simply brushing his behaviour off as “on-stage feelings becoming off-stage” as the pair were often asked to duet. Deep down, Dixie does have some feelings towards Cash because I mean, who wouldn’t? However she probably won’t realise this until she’s close to losing him to someone else which is rather unfortunate. The two still have great chemistry however. The ‘Singin’ Strays’ soon had to dispand though when Dixie’s father realised that his daughter needed an actual education and she was sat there at the age of 16. It was easy for him to afford because of his career. Whilst a lot of students think that Dixie comes from a hill-billy background because of her atributes and accent and can’t afford anything, yes she may be a hill-billy however she is no where near poor. Cash’s father followed Dixie’s fathers example and sent his soon there and Waylon and Flloyd begged their parents to let them follow them to the school. If you can’t find Dixie, you’ll probably find her dragging the rest of the Singin’ Strays down to the karaoke bar to rehearse or to the school music rooms.

The majority of Dixie’s home life may seem decent however she didn’t actually ever know her mother. The story that Dixie has always been told by her father, and by Granny Rose when she asks, is that her mother was a groupie and Adam ended up sleeping with her after a concert one night. Around 9 months later, one of his band members approached him with a basket and a note with ‘Your daughter, Dixie-Mae’ on it saying that she had been left outside of their trailer. What lies ahead for Dixie and the Singin’ Strays is a mystery however let’s hope that Dixie doesn’t lose being friends as he’s the one who grounds her. Also, will her somewhat self-obsessed ways gain her the attention of the likes of Sam Black, which nobody ever really wants.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Dixie from the Fox and the Hound 2
♠ Has a crush on KC Cash, but doesn’t realize it
♠ Acts like a diva, but is sweet when you get to know her

Faceclaim: Kesha Sebert
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