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Bio: The final and youngest Malis-Morey sister is Ora Malis-Morey. Growing up as the baby of the family definitely made her different from her sisters, Ora was the favourite and a lot of excuses were made for her because she was the youngest. Every time her and her sisters got into any kind of mischief all of the adults would insist that Ora was most likely bullied by her sisters into doing whatever it is they were accused of doing. Any time they got into a fight with each other they would get the harsher punishment “Ora is the baby and you two should know better, you are older than she is.” Ora learned to use this to her advantage growing up, she played the baby card whenever she got into trouble, batted her long lashes and then sneakily grinned at her sisters while they got the punishment and she got an arm around the shoulder. That was Ora’s speciality, from being a little girl she had the art of manipulation down completely and could probably make anyone do whatever she wanted. Her sisters had to hand it to her though, her talent certainly came in handy when she wasn’t using it on them. Of course Ora had other talents as well, the Malis-Morey family are direct decedents of some of the worlds most powerful and well known Wiccan’s. Wiccan’s as you may or may not know are kind of like witches, apart form they harness their power from natural things such as the elements which keeps the magic light. Of course any old person can practise being a Wiccan however the spells they recite will only work if the person saying them has Wiccan blood like the Malis-Morey girls.

Ora generally took more of an interest in her mothers stories than her other two sisters, they were more blinded by how the power could benefit them where as Ora was more focused on how it could help others. Imagine what she could do with Wiccan powers, find cures for diseases, stop people being bullied, end world hunger. Some of her ideas were a little ambitious but all the same they were kind. That is the secret to Wiccan powers, they only really work when trying to help others and not so much yourself which isn’t something her sisters seem to quite grasp. On numerous occasions Ora has tried her best to tell them how if they work together and have the right intentions and mindset they can do very great and powerful things, but they just won’t see to reason thus leaving Ora to practise her powers alone in the Highlands with her mother. Ora and her mother were very close which is why her passing effected Ora more so than it did the other girls, she was also a lot younger being only fourteen when it happened which is why it was a lot harder for her to understand. Her death brought about a change in Ora, although deep down she was still the same kind hearted girl with honest intentions you had to go through a couple of layers to see it. On the outside Ora had created a sort of shell that stopped her from getting hurt like she had with her mother’s passing, the new Ora was very similar to her sisters, selfish, manipulative and ruthless.  

Ora developed a new character for herself at the school, she’d watched the way it worked, who was on top and who was the bottom of the food chain, who you answered to and who answered to you. You had to be clever, ruthless and cunning to survive here however the more liked were the ones who were kind and thoughtful. With all these notations in mind Ora created a new person for her to be, to everyone else she was the ‘kind sister’ and excitable little adorable red head that wouldn’t hurt a fly. She looked innocent to everyone around her but only if they knew that actually she was the most powerful out of them all, Ora could do nearly every spell in the book and she was just seventeen, she knew the majority off by heart and if she wanted could set the whole school a blaze with a simple thought and incantation. Of course she never let anyone know that, it was much more fun to be the only one in the know about things like that because she knew one day it would come in useful. Still though Ora practices her magic often with her sisters, still trying desperately to harness their power along side hers. Although she is strong on her own together the three are an unstoppable force and this is something she’s working on at the moment, helping her sisters discover how to tap into their own powers so that eventually they can tap into each others.

Luckily for Ora they have a little encouragement, the opposing trio of sisters the Fates who seem to be taking all of their business away from them as the majority of the school flock to the perky, booby blondes for advice. The Fates are the real deal, they know everything about everyone and it’s no wonder why they are so highly valued. Ora doesn’t dislike any of them she just sees them as someone to be wary of and often exchanges polite conversation with them in the hopes of finding something interesting out which she can use to her advantage, her sisters however don’t share her feelings and bitterly dislike all of the girls which spurs them on to practice harder. Still many students and teachers for that matter come to The Powerfuls as they are known for their help, they have spells and incantations that can blow your mind quite literally. They can render someone useless, make people fall in love or think they are at least, turn people into animals or turn the most regular everyday item into a powerful object you’d hear about in a quest story. Wich is why they are so highly thought of at school. However The Powerfuls never do anything for free and give their help to people in exchange for secrets, protection and other things of value to them. This keeps them firmly out of Wishing Well drama but very involved at the same time, just at a safe distance.

One of their favourite people to deal with is the mysterious Horned King Sam Black, Sam creeps Ora out no end and although she tends to not fear many he is someone that just gives her the chills. She also dosen’t like helping him out because she knows his intentions are not good ones but does it all the same to ensure her’s and her sisters safety. In exchange for their help Sam can keep them safe and also offer them information to help them help others who come looking for the too, which is why staying on his good side is advisable but secretly the person Ora wants to help is Taran. Sam’s younger brother always seems to get the short end of the stick, he’s mistreated by him, ordered around and basically has his life constantly ruined by his older brother. On the sly Ora tries her best to help him behind her sister’s backs and has developed a sort of crush on the boy despite never actually speaking to him. Seeing that he has a girlfriend he seems to be very much in love with Ora knows to respect boundaries but that doesn’t mean she can’t hope and dream that one day he might notice her and fall in love with her, however that fact that his girlfriend looks like a model and is probably the kindest girl she’s ever met in her life she knows it’s highly unlikely.

Ora is a very flirtatious girl however and enjoys the idea of boys finding her adorable and attractive. She has this way of making boys want to get with her, the way she behaves really innocently like she needs protection, wraps her long red hair around her finger and bats her long lashes at them usually results in them doing all in their power to protect her and following her around like a lost puppy or trying to rob her of her innocence by getting into bed with her, there is just something about forbidden and untouched fruit that just turns them on and that is exactly what Ora plays to. She knows exactly what she’s doing and she isn’t that sweet and innocent really, just after their knowledge and perhaps a warm body to lie next to at night. For the most part Ora is actually quite lonely and longs for a boyfriend who will treat her well and do cute things with her like go for ice creams and walks around central park however those type of boys don’t tend to go for witches really which is quite sad. But for now she opts for casual relationships and flirting with guys and never tends to venture into anything emotional however she knows this will change when she meets the right guy.

Faceclaim: Cintia Dicker

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