Name: Skeeter Highs [Open]

Clique: Symphonics (First Years)

Age: 16

FC: Cody Simpson

Bio: Skeeter, one of the many middle children in the Highs family had a rather tough upbringing, as he was one of those kids that was pretty much allergic to everything. He used to have to go to all kinds of doctors appointments and he spent most of his childhood coming in and out of hospitals trying the new injections and such, hoping that the reactions to his allergies would calm down. Eventually, after years of disappointment Skeeter and his family were lucky enough to find a local doctor in their small home town in Holland that was able to help him and after months of treatment, Skeeter is now completely allergy free. But his family and parents believed it best he get out of the open country side where every Spring the pollen from the flowers would aggravate his nose, the sent all seven boys off to Wishing Well to really experience the City Life before returning home to work for their father in the jewel mining business. The first person Skeeter met at the school was Lilo Pelekai, another beautiful First Year who also happened to be from over seas, taking a liking to her almost immediately but knowing not to push or rush things Skeeter and the girl got along quite well, Lilo is the only person that has ever really heard him sing. The blonde has always had a natural ability to sing and when accompanied by a guitar, he isn’t that bad. Much like his other six siblings, Skeeter has a dream and this would be to be able to perform on one of the big stages in New York, alone, with his guitar. He is quite a natural boy, he finds no need of big fancy things much like Wishing Well’s very own Pinocchio. Skeeter is all around generally close with most of his brothers and he doesn’t like the fact that they are all trying to get away from each other now they are in Wishing Well, he believes since they are going back to Holland one day to work together they may as well stay close. To bad he is the only one that sees it that way. Prince Snowden, a man of a completely different clique but yet one of Skeets closest mates. He knows that Prince has a thing for the Highs family friends the White’s only daughter, Sophia or Snow and personally thinks they are perfect for each other. But since he isn’t really a pro when it comes to relationships himself, Skeeter keeps his crappy advice to himself and just hopes for the best for his friend. Michelle Martinez, the crazy cat from around the block has always fascinated Skeeter with her unique style and insane singing ability, ever moment he spends with her just reminds him how badly he doesn’t want to be dragged into the mining business with the rest of his brothers but actually wants to pressure his career as a song writer or better yet a performer, but his dreams are often crushed by either Evils, like Eve Queen or his older brothers Benedict and Gunther, the two have often paired up before and set the blondes song sheets on fire, literally destroying something important to him right in front of his eyes, but being the positive person he is, he does his best not to stress over it. As they are still family and someone else who knows all about being stuck in a big family is Arista Saltwater, she is quite the feisty one but Skeeter knows she can come to him or he can go to her whenever both their families get a little full on, but obviously the conversation starts getting a little weird when Arista begins talking about how hot all of the Highs brothers are and vise versa. All up, Skeeter isn’t the most positive of the bunch, but he is basically at Wishing Well to get through and maybe finally prove to his parents that singing and performing can be a career, not that they are against it… They just believe that their families business is far  more important.

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