Accepted Application for George!!

Welcome to the roleplay Lizzy the Second! We do already have another Lizzy indeed. You’ve been accepted as George which I’m pretty sure you’ll be loved for. Your para sample showed off talent which is all we look for, so don’t you worry. Thanks for applying, congrats for getting in and welcome to the rp, again! Send your stuff in within 24 hours please and then away you can go! - Mod Charlie xoxo

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Accepted Application For Marian!!

Welcome to the roleplay Mia!! It’s going to be an absolute pleasure to have you here and I already know that some people have been dying to have a Marian. Thank you again for applying, congrats and please send your account in within 24 hours!! - Charlie xoxo

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Yaaaaaaayyy!!! You go ‘nonnie, you go.


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Quick question, because I'm not sure if I read it in the rules (and maybe I did and I just have horrible memory) but does the sample para need to be in character? (I know some roleplays like that, though others don't mind if it's not) Yeah okay. Yup.

You do not need to provide us with an in character para sample, however we love it when people do. xoxo


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Hallo! Your roleplay looks aboslutely amazing. (Even though you probably knew this already, I just wanted to say so..)

Thanks for the compliment, love! That’s so very sweet of you and absolutely put a smile on my face before bed. I’ll be sure to let the other mods know, and especially Jess since this place was basically her creation. - Mod Charlie xoxo


Okay okay hello hello people! T’is pain in the ass Charlie here. Quick update on what’s going on. Now that student life doesn’t include drinking every night, I have a little more time on my hands now to slowly get back into RPing and bio writing. I got out the lovely Lorde FC recently and now I’m working on a lovely Erin Sanders (That dog from Frankenweenie. Perrie. Persephone. Yeah that’s gon’ be her.) But for now, I’m going to go play frisbee in the dark with my flatmates and then I shall be back to Rp. Mwah. Love you all!!  xoxo


Vivian Tchaikovsky || Seventeen Years Old || Symphonics || Second Year

They’re choosing the host of the tea party today.” - Vivian

↳ Biography:

Born and raised a rural part of Russia, Vivian was her family’s little angel. They absolutely adored her and spoiled her. With two extremely extroverted parents however, there was little room for Vivian to vocalise her own opinions and thoughts on things so grew to become a quiet young girl. Her family was extremely social so she got invited to a lot of things however she much preferred to just sit in the corner. Family socials were also extremely often. Not only was the Tchaikovsky name a prestigious one thanks to the legendary composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, but it also just happened to be an extremely wide spread family. Although some last names were changed through marriage, they had family members all over the world in places such as Albania, Serbia, Australia, Switzerland, Japan and Brazil. Vivian had always been one of the quieter ones though, that was for sure. Whilst her parents socialised, she’d sit in a corner with a book or fascinate over the orchestra playing, and for good reason too.

Vivian inherited the amazing musical talent you’d assume one would if they were related to such a composer as Tchaikovsky. Her natural talents were groomed by her parents from a young age, working constantly to make her a perfected child. She was able to play a violin by the time she was 9. Only three years later, she’d also learned to play the piano and mandolin, which is her favourite instrument of all. It’s whilst playing that Vivian really comes out of her shell and is more confident, almost feeling like a completely different person when on stage. She’s graceful and stunning and awe-inspiring. As well as that, Vivian also grew to be quite the talented singer. Singing with a rather sultry and smoky voice, Viv is a rare piece. From the age of 12, she was performing at family parties. Everyone was astounded at the change in her persona when she performed, but were all extremely proud of her.

At the family Christmas party one year, Vivian stepped off stage and was almost knocked flying by a tanned blonde girl. Vivian wasn’t impressed but obviously didn’t voice that and forced a smile at the stranger. It turned out that the stranger was a distant cousin by the name of, Cristine Kërcitje, or Crackle as she said she preferred to be called. Crackle was a lot louder and outgoing than Vivian in general. It didn’t appear like they would get along at all but after a while, their shared love for music and performing meant that they got alone swimmingly. Cristine and her family had travelled on over from Albania for the family event. Viv was a little sad to know that her new found friend was so far away but even after she left, the girls stayed in touch. Their conversations began to help Vivian gain a little more confidence. Even her parents began to notice that she was picking up a little bit, although she was still very much the wallflower at parties when not performing.

The maintained close friendship with Cristine sure came in handy when Vivian was about sixteen. Her parents had made the decision to send her to a private school that specialised in training children from privileged backgrounds. The name ‘Royal Preparatory School’ made this extremely obvious and Vivian refused to go, due to nerves, unless her cousin got to attend with her. Luckily, they managed to get Cristine a position helping out in the kitchens. It wasn’t a lot, but Viv just wanted her there and Cristine didn’t mind. The other students there were so much more extroverted and outgoing than Vivian. It was a difficult thing to cope with. At home, she could always slink back to her room yet here she was forced to socialise. The likes of Amber Bramwell especially intimidated her. Just the sight of the blonde girls hair made Viv’s chest get tight. It was also whilst at this school that the teenager developed problems with anxiety. Rehearsing in front of people would trigger anxiety attacks. The other students would laugh and she’d spend the rest of her day keeping her cousin company in the kitchen.

Her attendance of Wishing Well had been a plan from an early age. The school had been expecting the young Tchaikovsky from a young age. Anxiety played up again though and she asked over and over that Cristine could join her again. And, yet again, she luckily managed to get in. This time it was on a music scholarship. Vivian was top of her game now at everything she did. She was an expert violinist, pianist and also singer. In her spare time, she painted portraits and landscapes and then there was her eternal love of the mandolin. Nobody understood it really, but they let her do her thing. The anxiety was still a struggle. Viv was scared to walk to classes by herself, and every class she’d have nightmares about having to perform. One of the admissions officers for the school had been invited to a family event specifically to see Vivian perform and had loved her. They noticed that she wasn’t quite the shining star that they’d seen back then. She was much more hesitant about performing, so Vivian was quickly shown to the school’s student support services. They’re slowly working with her to get her back to a level of confidence where she can take to the stage and strut her stuff. To help with all this, there is young Sofia Kensington. The girls ended up painting next to each other in the art rooms one day and have started to bond. Vivian likes how friendly Sofia is, so doesn’t mind talking to her too much. Through Sofia she met more people she would have never approached before such as Hildegard, Desmond and Khalid. They’re all very nice people who support Vivian with her confidence and anxiety issues. It’s starting to work, although the young girl will still run a mile whenever she see’s Amber bobbing around the corner.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Princess Vivian from Sofia The First
♠ Friends with Sofia, Hildegard, Desmond and Khalid
♠ Talented violinist, singer and pianist
♠ Enjoys painting and playing her mandolin
♠ Has problems with anxiety
♠ Cousin of Cristine ‘Crackle’ Kërcitje

Faceclaim: Ella Yelich-O’Connor (Lorde)
Availability: Open

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