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But until then, I am here doing bios. I want to write characters that all of y’all want, so if there’s anyone you want to see or whatever, hit me up. After I’ve finished Neera, I’m going to get working on a Nicola Peltz FC. - Mod Charlie xoxo

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Zero to Hero
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Zero to Hero - Hercules

Dione MacLeod || Nineteen Years Old || Mermaids (College) || Third Year 

"Too good for us, ay?" - Mermaid

↳ Biography:

Dione’s childhood was relatively standard. Nothing exciting happened to her as a child. With a teacher for a Father and a cleaner for a mother, they just got by money wise. As their first and only child, her unmarried parents absolutely doted on her. It was evident even back then that she had an obsession with water and anything marine related. On family day trips to sea life centres and aquariums, little Dione would spend the entire day with a huge grin on her lips. Her sweet giggles at the penguins flying through the water as she tapped away at the glass would entertain passersby. As she grew old enough to be able to actually ask her parents for things, all she’d ever ask for were trips to places with sealife creatures. For her 10th birthday, they’d saved up to take her to swim with dolphins and to this day she still keeps a picture of that trip by her bed. Unlike most children her age, she’d enjoy documentaries about turtles and dolphins and whales. Then, on her 11th birthday, she began swimming lessons. Ofcourse she could swim a little anyway but she wanted to be able to do long dives and other such things.  The swimming lessons were soon joined by life-saving lessons, and by the age of 14, the parents of her friends would trust their children to go swimming with her without supervision because they knew that they would be safe.

Everyone in the area assumed Dione did all these classes because she was just a good swimmer. They were wrong. The only reason Di put so much effort and time into these things was so that she’d be good enough to swim deep in the ocean. The brown eyed girl dreamed of working in the waters. She’d watch films like Deep Blue Sea not for the gore and tension, but to see the smart sharks and people at work with them. Honestly, she’d get more upset when the sharks died and what made it worse was the rain. It meant nothing to her however Dione truly hated the weather for every time she was sad, it seemed to rain. Little did she know at the time, that she had developed Atmokinesis. This was the ability to physically influence the weather and more often than not, it was linked to emotions. With Dione, her sadness made it rain. This soon came to mean that everytime she was on her period, her Canadian hometown of Kindersley had to put up with an unpredicted 3 days of rain.

Around the age of 16 was when things started to get messy for Dione and her family. Her parents broke it to her that they were splitting up. She chose to stay with her Mother, moving with her to stay with an Aunt in Hawaii, US. Her Father was flying over to England to teach there. After this, good girl Dione was gone. She started getting herself in with the wrong crowds and doing all sorts of substances. Every time she had a week off, she’d fly over to her Father where she’d sneak into local clubs and drink herself to oblivion. Her parents started to quickly pick up on things though and she realised that something had to be done, and that’s when Dione came up with her ultimate plan. During the day, she’d remain a good person. Chores and schoolwork would be done, food would be eaten and she’d get on her parents good side. By night however, that was when Femme Fatale Dione came out to play. A particular “hobby”(as she liked to call it) that she liked was playing groupie to bands performing at city venues. Beautiful and sexy Di would sit at the bar at the back of the room, drink in hand, and stare down the band member to make sure that he knew she wanted him. The occasional smirk or lip-bite would be throw in for added effect, ofcourse. Then at the end of  the show, she’d pass by them as they were talking to their fans, gently brush against them and then wait around the back of the building for them to come to the tour buses. A few bats of her spidery eyelashes, the odd pout of the lips here and there, then they’d invite her onto the bus. Boyfriends were occasional but then another concert would come along and this girl was immune to guilt. A hobby soon became a lifestyle choice and aged 18 she got “GROUPIE” tattooed on the inside of her bottom lip,  done in the back of a tour bus by an amateur tattooist.

Unfortunately, Dione was forced to say goodbye to all of that soon though. She was off to college at the best place there is. Majoring in Marine Biology and Oceanography, she still comes across as a perfect student. Her teachers absolute adore her and her dedication. One thing that does ruin the occasional day or class however is when Dione has to come into contact with Wendy Darling. Something about the girls just makes Di shudder. She can’t stand the fact that she seems to hold herself like she’s better than everyone and how ‘posh’ she is, and basically just everything about her. Multiple people have heard Dione make not-so-jokey threats that she’ll drown Miss Darling. In the afternoons after class, she’ll be down at the pool practising and socialising with her new found friends. Luckily for her, the people in her clique are party people anyway. Lily Sirena is one of the more quieter ones but they both have a shared love for live music, although different reasons, it’s still there. Dione enjoys talking to Ariana Reef a lot, a girl who shares the same interest of working with Marine life. Plus, Ariana knows her drinks and Dione can appreciate anyone who knows how to make a mean Manhattan cocktail. Then there’s Coral Sinatra who is Dione’s personal wing woman and go-to party buddy. They drink together, party together, throw up together and have even made out with each other once or twice to entice band members. Sometimes they’ll invite Ariana to partake in their crazy adventures too. With both her parents wiring her money each month too, it doesn’t look like her crazy lifestyle is going to stop at any point.

The atmokinesis is something that Dione thinks she has clicked onto now. After the years of it raining when she was sad, she figured that there was no way it was a pure coincidence. Hours of research, by daylight, helped her find out what she had. The first person Di thought about approaching was her head of clique, someone she knew would know atleast one person in the school who could help her. Dione went to Elizabeth about a lot of things, seeing her somewhat as a role-model. Sure enough, Elizabeth introduced Dione to Max Springs. His powers are associated with spring weather but the link was made through the whole ‘April showers’ concept. After a few occasions of talking to Max, it was inevitable that she’ bump into his group of friends. Max explained to Clarion, January and Summer what Dione’s power was and Summer immediately lit up because now she knew what they were getting rainy days in August. The four bonded and it’s known for the girls to steal Dione’s romcoms (or any sad movie for that matter) to prevent getting rain. When Dione is on her period, there’s usually a 24 hour marathon of comedy movies played in her dorm. Emotionally and relationship wise, Dione will always go to her friends but when it comes to her powers, she’s figured out now that she’s best getting support from people who understand her.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on a Brunette Mermaid from Peter Pan
♠ Cannot stand Wendy Darling
♠ Has Atmokinesis linked to the feeling of sadness
♠ Best friends with Ariana Reef, Lily Sirena and Coral Sinatra 
♠ Friends with Clarion, January and Summer
♠ Goes to Elizabeth Urchin and Max Springs for advice
♠ Majors in Marine Biology & Oceanography

Faceclaim: Chloe Bridges


A scrupulous writer, in every sentence that he writes, will ask himself at least four questions, thus: 

1. What am I trying to say?

2. What words will express it?

3. What image or idiom will make it clearer?

4. Is this image fresh enough to have an effect?

And he will probably ask himself two more:

1. Could I put it more shortly?

2. Have I said anything that is avoidably ugly?

- George Orwell

Keiron ‘Kron’ Cromwell || Twenty-Six Years Old || Nightmares || Trainee Programme

"Then we save the half that deserves to live." - Kron

↳ Biography:

Keiron was an okay kid. He wasn’t an angel, but he wasn’t a complete pain in the ass. As his parents first child, they managed him as best as they could. They absolutely pampered him, praising him for every single thing that he did. From an early age though, it was almost like he was groomed to become a perfect child. His parents only sent him to the best of best schools, searching for the perfect college for him as soon as he turned 13. They were extremely intense and as years went by, they expected nothing but the best in return. Keiron won every Little League, Spelling Bee and class debate that he entered. With both his parents working in high-positions for the local police enforcement, respect was practically something that was born into him.

For a while, he was the only project for his parents to work on, he was the only thing for them to perfect. Then, when he was 8, his little sister Neera. It was weird having another child around the house, that’s for sure. For so many nights he would wake up to screaming and crying, and he hated it. When the crying stopped however, something clicked. Keiron almost became obsessed with her. If they ever had babysitters, he refused to let them be alone in a room with her. She was his little sister and boy did he make sure that people knew it. As soon as he became old enough to babysit, he did. There were countless days where he’d have to pick her up from school, a scowl scaring away other children, and take her home to an empty house. This was because their parents took advantage of the fact that he was old enough to babysit now. They worked more, got more hours in and earned a hell of a lot more. Keiron didn’t mind all that much though. It meant he got more time alone to bond with his sister. He had adopted the nickname ‘Kron’, thanks to her. As children do, she had a problem with saying some words properly and apparently Keiron was one of them.

Whilst child Keiron wasn’t all that bad, teenage Keiron was an absolute asshole. He was self-centered, lying and deceitful. With a lack of friend-making ability, the only time he could actually make friends was with people who had a similar personality to him. Since he really was a stereotypical movie cliché self obsessed bastard, people like him were not all that common. He would sleep around, telling girls exactly what they wanted to hear to get exactly what he wanted in the end. His parents didn’t even bother trying, leaving him to do his thing. Kron didn’t even care. He knew he was better than them, knew that he could do so much better than dealing with them day in and day out. When his name was mentioned in the local community, people would say “Oh the Cromwell’s narcissistic sociopath of a kid?”. If he thinks he’s doing the right thing, Keiron will stop at nothing to do it. It was infact his father who joked around one evening by saying that his son should look into Politics, and after some though, he decided that it was exactly what he wanted to do. 

Before heading to college, Keiron headed back to England for a few weeks. The Cromwell family originally came from there but Keiron’s Dad moved to Massachusetts after finishing University. A vast majority of the family remains in England still and a few of them have friends in High Places. It was thanks to this that Keiron got some pretty awesome opportunities. He did two weeks work experience in the BBC’s Political news department and two weeks in 10 Downing Street. His parents thought that the time away from his sister would reduce how attached to her he was, however they were very very wrong. Upon his return, he made Neera update him on everything going on in her life. Big Brother Kron also began looking into top colleges where she could also attend school so that they wouldn’t be far from each other. Luckily, they could do just that at the college his parents had already picked out for him.

Keiron attended Wishing Well Academy College as an American Government and Politics major, with Business Management as a minor. Fitting in perfectly with the Nightmares, Kron found himself socialising much more than he ever did back home. In fact, he found himself a best friend in the form of Bruce Morphew. They met whilst doing some business work, as Business was Bruce’s college major, and rarely left each others side since. Kron is much more the leading act however. He comes up with the devilish plans whilst Bruce executes them. Some people would barely call what they have a friendship but it works for them. Keiron constantly aims for perfection though. He’s unable to take criticism without destroying stuff in anger, so does whatever he can to prevent being criticised in the first place. His teenage habit of lying to girls to get them into bed is still there, and the worst part is that he’s an expert at it. Many people find it hard to tell the difference between him telling the truth and him lying now. There’s practically no difference. He flew through exams with colours, passing everything with exceptional marks.

Just as Keiron was finishing up with college, Neera was at an age where she could start at the school too. So, he moved into a nice apartment in the city with room for Neera to live with him too. That way, he could keep an eye on her. Kron’s friendship group had grown a little more but still consisted solely of other people who were assholes like him. There was Shego, a beautifully evil woman who Kron has a sort of friends-with-benefits arrangement with. There’s also Hades and his friend Shere. The trio will often gather together some other equally horrid friends for a game of poker at the house. Or they’ll trick nicer guys into playing with them and work together to take all of the money and split it equally in the end. Still carrying on that childhood aim, Kron is now training to become a Political Governor (Although a lot of people believe that he’ll be the next Hitler). As he learns the ins and outs of laws, he’s preparing himself to be able to do what he wants and how he wants. Still as protective of Neera as ever, he’s picked up easily on a boy on the scene by the name of Aladar. Kron’s spotted him talking to Neera a few times and every single time has stormed over and escorted Neera away. He believes that she could do so much better than a numb-skull Jock. The De Doito family in general are close to Neera, so occasionally one of them will appear in the house with an invite from Neera. Kron can’t stand it. Every time he see’s one of their faces he’s just getting closer and closer to punching one of them, having already butted heads with old Yar De Doito a few times already.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Kron from Dinosaur
♠ Training to become a Political Governor
♠ Good friends with Bruton, Shego, Hades and Shere
♠ Older brother of Neera Cromwell
♠ Often labelled a narcissistic sociopath 
♠ A very dedicated Nightmare

Faceclaim: Daniel Gillies

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Life is a Highway
Rascal Flatts · Cars Original Soundtrack
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Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts

Belle Acosta || Nineteen Years Old || Symphonics (College) || Fifth Year

She is designed to scare people with a loud, high-pitched shriek.” - Lilo & Stitch

↳ Biography:

A regular loud mouth, Belle was an on-the-go person from an early age. She barely slept as a baby, keeping her parents awake almost around the clock. They were completely baffled about why she insisted on being such a trouble as their first child was no where near this demanding. As loving parents would though, they carried on taking care of her and didn’t treat her less at all, just because she decided to only let them sleep 4 hours a night. The loudness continued throughout her childhood. Slowly enough, her parents just accepted that this one was a loud one. There was never a quiet moment in the house. As there were quite a few years between her and Jennie, her older sister, their parents often ask Jennie to babysit Belle whilst they’d take evenings out. It wasn’t a perfect world. The Acosta family would occasionally struggle for money and Mr and Mrs Acosta would sometimes argue, but they adored their children none the less.

The noisiness came into use however eventually and afterwards her parents were forever grateful for it. As a very outdoorsy family, they would regularly go for adventures. Belle found a lot of her childhood spent climbing trees, staying in treehouses and exploring caves. By the time she was 10, she’d been to Brasil, Portugal, Argentina, Australia and India. It was whilst on a holiday to visit the Mountain River Cave in Vietnam that the big event happened. Belle was heading down into the cave first and as soon as she touched down, there was a huge rumble. A few rocks fell. The light that Belle had with her went out and the guide refused for anyone else to go down. Belle was left down there on her own and after being knocked on the head with a rock and stumbling a little, she was left alone. A few hours went by and nobody heard anything from her until she finally woke. The team had been camping near the opening of the cave and thanks to Belle’s naturally loud voice, heard her yelling for them. With everything steadier now and certain that she was alive, they headed down, got her and then immediately headed back to the hotel. It was quite traumatic, leaving Belle scared of the dark for the rest of her life. Quickly it developed into nyctophobia, an intense phobia of the dark.

With the childhood that she had, Belle Acosta grew up to be an extremely level-headed person. She appreciated everything she ever got and did as much as she ever could for others. Hailing from El Paso, Texas meant that there was always atleast one festival to prepare for and she was always on the volunteer teams to help. When she wasn’t helping out with festivals, Belle was volunteering to help with the elderly. Her naturally loud voice meant that she was great at waking them up in the morning and helping them around the house in general. She had to stop that for a while however around the age of 17 as word got around that Belle Acosta had started getting rather friendly with girls in an intimate way and the elderly being the traditionalists they are, were not all that keen on it. They began to refuse to let Belle into their houses. It was a big strain on her. She’d always been accepted and now these people began to hate her for being who she was. The struggle went on for a few years. People seemed to ignore the fact that she was with boys as well, and only focused on the girls. Even parents in the area began to judge her for her acts, even though half of the time one of their kids had been someone she’d hooked up with.

There was a change in the young girls personality because of the bullying, and her family noticed it eventually. Belle hadn’t officially come out to them but it was hard for them not to know after it had gone around the whole town. Damage control needed to be done and quickly. Mr and Mrs Acosta began looking for an escape for their daughter, some place where she could be safe. Conveniently, Belle was approaching college age and she qualified for a scholarship at a world renowned boarding school. It took a few months to sort everything out but eventually she got in. Belle agreed that her family could tell the city that she was being set to a camp for kids with her “problem”, to avoid shame being brought to the Acosta family name. It was kind of hard on her, sure, but she just had to make sure that her family would be safe and happy back home.

Now in a new environment with new friends, Belle is free to be herself again. She’s starting enjoy herself a little more, pulling a prank or so here. She uses her loud voice to startle people. People who she’s more than likely to be pulling pranks with are Lilo Pelekai and Stitch McLaren. Belle jumped the pair in a corridor one day. Luckily, they reacted with laughter and the trio became friends. There’s also Bonnie Sheridan, a surprising friend of Belle’s. It’s one of those friendships that don’t make sense, but it works anyway. Belle makes Bonnie more like a normal girl. They have sleepovers and go shopping together. A lot of people thank Belle for drawing Bonnie back a bit, and for being the girl’s closest tie to being “friendly and normal”. Now that she’s in a non-judging environment too, Belle is able to do whatever she wants sexually without being hounded for it. Plus, where else better to let your loins run wild than Wishing Well?

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Belle (Experiment 248) from Lilo & Stitch: The Series
♠ Potential love interest of Yaarp
♠ Intense nyctophobia
♠ Openly bi-sexual and was bullied for it back home
♠ Volunteers a lot, including problems for the elderly
♠ Friends with Bonnie SheridanLilo Pelekai and Stitch McLaren

Faceclaim: Ally Brooke

littleprettyperla whispered:

Hi guys (: I wondering when or I should say how the whole class thing works?

Alright. I’m going to post this here since other people might have the same question. Basically, since WWH is a school no matter how much we might forget that at times, most of the characters do attend classes Monday-Friday. Currently on the main, we have a page listing the different courses offered that is under construction. 

As for the classes themselves, a lot of it is just implied, but the people who play teachers will sometimes post assignments for people to do related to the course they teach. These are optional really, but they can be pretty fun to do, so keep an eye out for those!

~Mod Kels

Anonymous whispered:

Why is Yensid above Hardscrabble when her family owns the school? I'm really confused about this can you explain it to me.

Honestly, that was largely an oversight on my part. The Dean’s bio was written before I was a mod so I’ll admit, I probably never properly looked over it. The few times someone mentioned Yensid before, it was usually suggested that he be the Head Master and to me, it makes sense considering his role in Fantasia, Epic Mickey, and Kingdom Hearts. It’s probably something we will have to sort out as we are editing the bios. 

Really though, there are ways we can work that, even if it is just a mistake due to my oversight. It could be a constant point of tension between the two as well as a point of development as to why he got the job and she didn’t. Or maybe the school changed ownership since then. I don’t know, there are a few ways to work it. Sorry I don’t really have a satisfactory answer right now. We’ll just have to work a way for it to make sense as we are updating more bios.

Though one thing that I will remind of here, the Dean still has a lot of power. Ultimately, she will always be the one sort of taking care of things with Yensid mostly just overseeing things and working with the students he mentors. He’d only tend to get in the Dean’s way if he felt he had to. He is the final authority on things, but the Dean is still very much in charge of a lot around the school. 

~Mod Kels


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Miranda Kensington || Thirty-Five Years Old || Other || Student Guardian

"Mothers know everything.” - Queen Miranda

↳ Biography:

There are some people who show their age and others who do not. Miranda Kensington is one of the latter. Despite being very aware that she will be turning 40 in only five years, she makes sure to keep up to date with what is going on in the younger generation. She knows all about twitter and can use an iPhone with her eyes closed. Her relaxed and young attitude is definitely something that contributed to her being hired as a Student Guardian. It’s Miranda’s job to patrol the dorms and make sure that there aren’t any problems. If there’s a student without a dorm, it’s her job to help them get one sorted out. Miranda is also one of the first people that new students are introduced to when they move to the school. Basically, she’s the student’s non-official mother. An aim of hers is to make sure that all of the children have proper morals instilled in them such as to always say please and thank you, never lie and treat others how you’d want to be treated yourself. Although not officially trained in counselling, it isn’t unknown for Miranda to invite a student back to her dorm for a cup of tea and help them out with their problems. This is made all the more easier by the fact that she’s the only member of staff that actually lives in the same building as the students. It’s easy to tell which dorm is hers though by the big floral sign on her door that says ‘Student Guardian’.

You might wonder why such a relaxed person is able to be such a motherly figure to thousands of students from all over the world. Miranda herself is actually a proud mother. Her daughter, Sofia, is a first year at the school and being a protective and loving mother. When she saw that there was a job going that meant she could still be around to see her daughter whenever she wanted, she applied straight away. There is no one that this Mother loves more than her daughter. Sofia get’s a lot of her qualities from her mother. Miranda is a very kind and supportive person. Her optimistic nature means that she is always pushing Sofia, and the other students, to do their very best in a kind and gentle manner. Also, despite being responsible for plenty of children, Miss Kensington is still a very curious and adventurous person. If she knows that a lot of the students or out, Miranda herself will venture off into the city to see what new things she can find. When the carnival visits, she’ll be on the rides and trying to get Sofia to go on the Ferris Wheel with her.

Don’t get me wrong, Miranda was very nervous about moving to a new city like New York, hailing originally from Cambridge in England. Taking on such a huge role and moving at the same time is stressful for the best of people. It wasn’t exactly like she was used to the responsibility either. Previously, Miranda Kensington was a personal shopper in a high end retail store; shoes were her specialty in case you were wondering.  It was a relatively easy job for her. She persevered though, never letting anything or anyone knock her down. Many consider the brunette an asset to the school now and wouldn’t know what to do without her. Low on sugar? Just knock on her dorm door and this lady will be more than happy to give you some. Don’t know how long to boil your eggs for? This chick will probably have a cooking book in a cupboard somewhere, and if not she’ll google it for you.

What made the move slightly easier for Miranda also was that she didn’t really have any ties back home. Her own parents were with her how she is with Sofia. They constantly push and encourage Miranda to go out and enjoy the world. They’d hate  to know that she was stuck in England just because of them. There was also the matter of Sofia’s father. He was an army man on the front line, decorated in medals for his constant acts of bravery. When Sofia was about 10, he stopped getting on contact. Miranda was immediately worried because he loved his daughter dearly. Confirming her suspicions that something was up, she soon received a message from the MoD stating that Mr Peter Kensington was MIA. Three months later and he was found. Unfortunately though, it was only his body they found. He had been found dead. Miranda was distraught. The man she loved, the father of her child was gone. He had died an honourable death at war though and that was what she had to assure little Sofia of. His funeral was beautiful, his coffin covered in roses. On an anniversary, Peter had given Miranda a locket with a rose on the front and a picture of Miranda, Sofia and himself inside. The locket has barely left Miranda’s neck since.

Ofcourse, Miranda has made her own connections at the school too. Miranda loves going for a coffee at Mrs Darlings’ place, or listening to Marcus Zazu babble on about his latest case. Mrs Darling and Ms Kensington will often share motherhood stories. Her priority is still her daughter though. If she had to choose between relaxing with friends and helping her daughter, she’d choose Sofia every time. After being a single mother for five years, there is now someone that Miranda feels could finally fill that empty hole in her heart though. Roland Bramwell and lovely Miss Kensington met when she was out shopping for Sofia one day and ever since, they’ve enjoyed a nice bit of harmless flirting. After discovering that he comes from an aristocratic family, Miranda would hate for him to think that she only liked him for him money but the woman finally believes that she can let herself love someone again and maybe Roland is the one.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Queen Miranda from Sofia The First
♠ Mother of Sofia Kensington
♠ Widowed when Sofia’s father died
♠ Potential love interest of Roland Bramwell
♠ Friends with Marcus Zazu and Molly Darling

Faceclaim: Caroline Flack