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is there any way I can request an Emily Bett Rickards FC? Please and thank you <3

It is on the list for you, love! - Mod Charlie xoxo

Seven Helpful Tips on Fixing a Stuck Muse


  1. Music. Turn on your favorite song. Shuffle through your Itunes, Pandora, Spotify. Browse some random music videos on Youtube. Play your favorite movie score or soundtrack as loud as you can take it. Music has a great capability of affecting your mood, of drawing out emotions you think you aren’t feeling at the time. This could awaken your muse, a song triggering your lack of ability to write.
  2. T.V. Shows/Movies. Watch one of your favorite shows or movies. Even if you don’t want to watch the entire thing, skip to your favorite part, the scene that makes you feel as if you’re alive, as if you’re on the edge of every emotion boiling to the surface. You’ll more than likely be inspired by what you have seen and want to create something similar, want to feel pride in what you have done.
  3. Freewrite. I never used to do this back in the day. I used to just write what I wanted from Point A to Point B. Since roleplaying, I’ve found myself writing little snippets of scenarios I see in my head. This not only develops my character, but helps me set up for future plots and find new ideas I never thought about before. Just write. Don’t think about grammar, spelling, even coherency. Even if your sentence comes out Timothy wants a giant lemon, keep going. You’ll find that maybe the lemon is significant. Maybe the color yellow is. Do this for a five to ten minutes and see what you come up with.
  4. Books. Similar to T.V. Shows and Movies, turn to your favorite part of a book. Read it over again. Just one line could be enough to spark something.
  5. Talk to Someone. This is one of the best things I’ve found that unlocks ideas and muse that are trapped beneath the surface. By talking, you’re kickstarting your mind. You’re explaining what you want to do, placing it into words. You’re getting feedback, picking up on potential plot holes. You’re discovering more about your character, enjoying the quirks, the what ifs.
  6. Roleplaying. What I mean by this is live action roleplaying. I don’t know if anyone has done this, but it’s something that I find helps me with a lot of scenes that I’m struggling with. I talk aloud, play one character and then another in conversation. I mimic the actions, the voices, and eventually I find that I have an entire scene before me that I wasn’t expecting. Find yourself a spot without interruptions and try this exercise.
  7. Go For a Walk. Believe me, this helps more than I thought it would. Getting away from the head space of where you’re writing, even for just five minutes, can make you feel more ready to go, more clear headed than when you were trying to write before.

These are simple things that I use when I’m having difficulties writing, but I hope they can help someone else out.

~ Aleks

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psst, can I request a Tatiana Maslany FC pleaseeeee? ^_^

I shall add her onto the list for you, m’love!

- Mod Charlie xoxo

Gethin Hier || Twenty-Two Years Old || Jocks (College) || Fifth Year

"You’re gorgeous-er." - Male Lover Bear

↳ Biography:

Gethin was a very typical young boy. He adored football and rugby, was messy and always seemed to want more food. He was his parents first child, meaning he was absolutely fawned over. Being the absolute apple of his Dad’s eye meant that there was very little wrong that he could do and basically got away with anything he wanted and do anything that he wanted. The sport love continued throughout and he was joining as many teams as he could in High School and outside of school. His mother would be in the stands at every game cheering his on whilst his father was on the sidelines yelling instructions and ‘constructive advice in a slightly vicious voice’ as he liked to call it. When not doing sports, he was pretty much an average boy. Not very many girls found him hugely attractive, so the boy wasn’t really known as a ladies man. There was the odd detention here and there but usually for little things like being heard swearing or not doing a piece of homework. Living in Wales meant that he had to live with his fair share of rain, so he learned to not mind being covered in mud. Sure his mom would have a heart attack every time his white sports kit appeared in the wash absolutely covered in dirt, but it was usually from practising football so she didn’t yell at him too much for it.

Getting his teenage years, sports had become a serious thing for Gethin. He was on qualifying teams and had played games against teams from up and down the country. His dedication was something to admire. Rugby was his main sport but he loved a quick game of tennis or softball when he had the chance. All of this responsibility however meant that he was never really allowed to parties. His parents didn’t want him to get heavily involved in drinking at all. So whilst his friends were at house parties, fourteen year old Gethin had to find indoor activities to occupy himself. It was whilst spending multiple hours on the internet that he signed up to pretty much every site ever made: Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Quotev,, Oovoo, Skype, Pinterest. Not Google+ though. After a few months, he started talking to a girl who called herself ‘Ru’. At the time Gethin ofcourse didn’t realise that she would quickly become one of the closest people to him in his life. It was slow to start with but as they began to share things with each other, they became closer and closer. He learned her name was Ruari Aoife Keating and that she was from Ireland. The majority of her life was spent moving around for her Dad’s job and it was only in recent years that they’d finally settled in back home in Ireland. Ru had also spoke to him about her sister, a big online personality he worked with companies such as Tumblr and Youtube a lot. After two years of talking to her, Gethin knew he adored the girl and after googling everything he needed to know, he was pretty sure that they’d be able to handle an online relationship. So, a week before his seventeenth birthday, he asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes.

Everything seemed great. Gethin had an amazing girlfriend, he was winning almost every game he played in and he also now had a little sister. When his parents asked him what he wanted for his eighteenth birthday, there was no doubt about what he wanted. He wanted to finally meet Ru face to face. He wanted to be able to hold her hand and tell her how beautiful she was. Obviously, he knew his parents would think he was stupid for flying out to see the girl though. Gethin hadn’t even told them he was Ruari’s boyfriend. They knew that there was a girl he talked to a lot but they knew nothing of the extent of their relationship. So, he just asked them to give him money to be able to travel wherever he wanted when he was 20. That was the plan. Gethin was going to save up all the money he could and move out when he was 20. A lot of his friends went off to college when they were 18, but Gethin didn’t and carried on playing sports. Saving the money was probably a good idea too because a few weeks after his eighteenth, he found out that Ruari and her family were moving to Canada. So, Gethin got a job to help raise more money.

A year or two down the line, it had been a little while since Gethin had turned 20 and Ruari was still in Canada and they were still happily together. Their relationship was at the point know where Gethin also talked to Ruari’s best friend and her parents a lot. His parents knew about her know also. They weren’t exactly keen on the idea, but they supported him. With everyone around him and people close to Ruari, he began to plan to fly over just in time for Ru’s 19th birthday. In fact, her parents had invited him to live with them in their Canadian home. Gethin’s parents were a little sad to see him go and also a little disappointed that he’d now be stopping all of his sports until further notice, but they wished him luck. So, the travelling happened and Gethin was over the moon to finally be with Ruari properly. She was everything he’d hoped for. Canada was a big of a culture shock for him, but he adjusted eventually. He adored the outdoors and the woods. The winters were hard but he loved evenings by the fire. After a while of living together, Ruari mentioned that she wanted to go to an academy in New York. Luckily, Gethin was able to qualify for a sports scholarship there. When he told his parents that he’d be back in education and playing sport, they were ofcourse delighted. Having left school without going to college back home and also after some complications with his VISA, he’d have to be in a year below most people his age but that didn’t bother him.

After just over a year of living in Canada, Gethin and Ruari were jetting off to New York. They settled in quickly and Gethin is delighted to be back playing all sorts of sports again. One day he collided with the big tough trainee who was helping in their class. He wouldn’t admit it, but deep down he feared for his life. Gethin expected a punch, but instead got a deep and happy chuckle. The guy’s name was Tug Lasee and the pair quickly became good friends. Tug found Gethin and Ruari’s stupidly sweet and something that was only created in movies. He was the type of friend who’d gag when they were near each other, but they still loved him. The rest of the Jocks are relatively easy to get along with. Each of them have their own sport-related story and Gethin enjoys hearing how each person got into what they do. He gets along with the nicer ones in the team such as Iman and Christopher. Both the boys find Gethin’s story interesting. Not very many boys seem to understand that Gethin knew Ru was worth the wait. She goes to all of his games to support him and honestly when you look at them, you’d never think they spent the first few years of their relationship apart.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Male Lover Bear from Brother Bear
♠ In a relationship with Ruari Keating
♠ Close friend of Tug Lasee
♠ Friends with Rajah and Flounder
♠ Majors in Fitness & Sport
♠ Kept behind a year

Faceclaim: James Lafferty

Ruari Aoife Keating || Twenty-One Years Old || Twirl Girls (College) || Fifth Year

"You’re gorgeous.” - Female Lover Bear

↳ Biography:

Ruari has the kind of jet-setting life that every rich young girl dreams about. From the age of 5, she’d travelled around the world in first class seats with her parents and older sister. Her father was an Athletic Scout so she got to see all sorts of schools, be hit on in all sorts of languages and visit all sorts of cities. The Keating family were quite rich in general so Ruari never had to worry about going without something. That however did not mean that she was spoilt at all. The first few years of her life were spent with Tamagotchi’s and Gameboys being the most technological things she had until she was atleast 14. You could say that pretty much everything about Ruari’s surroundings constantly changed apart from dance studios. No matter where she went, Ruari and her Mom would always hunt down a dance studio. She saw it as the only thing that stayed the same for her. Travelling meant that she got to see all sorts of dance. Something that she found she enjoyed was dance with fast foot work. Coming from an Irish family, Ruari naturally turned to Irish Dancing and quickly picked it up. The dance aspect brought Ru and her parents together. They did have another child, Ru’s older sister Jenny. Jen much more preferred being online so the Keating parents loved the fact that they had a child they could connect with. Dance recitals were a family occasion, even if Jenny was on her phone the entire time.

About when Ruari was thirteen, the family finally had a chance to settle in back home in Ireland. It was odd at first for Ru to be stuck in one place but she grew to enjoy it. She finally managed to stick to dance classes with the same teacher and not have to relearn everything wherever she went. The teenager decided to stick with Irish, Tap and Flamenco. Something that she had difficult adjusting to however was the fact that, once she’d visited everywhere— There was nothing new to do. Ruari always enjoyed exploring her new home in a new country but now, once everything was explored there was nothing else to do. So, Jenny introduced Ruari to the online world. At first, she didn’t understand the love. Jenny was only three years older than her so they were relatively close, age difference not being a problem. Slowly but surely though, the younger Keating girl began to see what was so wonderful. She began talking to people all over the world and doing just as much exploring as she used to love, just online now. It was whilst wondering through the internet that she met a welsh boy by the name of Gethin. At first, Ruari thought nothing of him. She’d met a ton of people online before. Her older sister was always talking to people online. It was nothing new. Gethin’s importance became obvious after a little while however. They began to talk almost every day. They supported each other through problems. They shared secrets with each other that they’d never shared with people before. When they’d started talking, Ruari had only been thirteen and deep down she worried that maybe she was just being naive. She wasn’t stupid. They were still talking two years later however and when Gethin asked her to be his girlfriend, she happily said yes.

Being settled meant that Ruari could take dance seriously. She began to take part in competitions and boy, did she do well. Her footwork was phenomenal. Family and friends were amazed by what she was able to do. Now that her online skills were starting to get up to par with her sisters, she also began to help her sister with her online stuff. Jenny Keating was beginning to become a relatively big name online now and Ruari was forever proud of her. The sister’s stood by each other and Jen was actually the first person to know at Gethin. After she was fine with the idea, Ruari approached her parents with her sister and surprisingly, they were happy for her. They supported her and Gethin. He basically became one of the family, despite the obvious distance. It all seemed fine. Ruari’s friends tended to bully her a little about the relationship. They were all ahead for their age, sleeping with their boyfriends and exploring all sorts sexually. They found it amusing that Ruari couldn’t even kiss her boyfriend, but that didn’t bother her. Ru got to try out cooler things with Gethin, like all forms of products meant to help with long distance couples. She was happy with that for now, because she knew that they would meet one day.

When she was 18, her parents approached her. Ruari found out that they were all moving to Canada. Jenny would be moving over with them, but would be living in her own home. They were happy for Ruari to stay living with them, even if she was 18. She broke the news to Gethin. The main thing that bothered her was the fact that now, it would cost even more for Gethin to travel over. His family wasn’t as rich as Ru’s and despite the fact that she’d offered to give him money for travel multiple times, he’d turned it all down like the gentleman he was. The family moved and Gethin still supported her through it. It had been a long time since they’d moved anywhere but as expected, it wasn’t that hard for her. Dance teachers were hard to find at first and she went a few months without doing any dancing. Canada was one of the few places the Keating family had never been. Ruari didn’t know how to take the place. The area they were living in was relatively rural whilst Jenny was in Vancouver. Having her sister far away was rather weird too. The girls had never really been apart before so this was entirely new. So, living in Canada was difficult to start with but on her 19th birthday Gethin turned up at the door. It felt like everything stopped. She held him and never wanted to let go. Then she also found out that her parents had invited him to live with them. Ruari couldn’t believe it. They finally got to be a normal couple. The couple lost their virginities to each other. They were each other’s first for pretty much everything.

No matter whether Gethin was there or not, Ru knew that she wanted to carry on with her education and she wanted to do it properly. She hadn’t done anything proper with her dancing since living in Canada. Sure, she still did lessons but she hadn’t been in any competitions since Ireland. The place that Ruari wanted to go to was an academy in New York called Wishing Well. It seemed absolutely amazing. The variety of people who went astounded her and Ruari wanted nothing more than to go to this stellar academy and finally do something with her dance. It was what she wanted to do in life. It had been what carried her through all the moving and travelling around. Sorting it all out was a little difficult. Getting Ru in was easy since her family had the money. Gethin however was a more problematic case. It turned out that he’d have to be kept behind a year, but that didn’t bother the couple. As long as they got to the school together, that was all that mattered.

After just over a year living in Canada, Ruari and Gethin were off to New York City. She was used to moving around so it wasn’t difficult at all for her to fit in really. Being an overly friendly person, she dove heart first into the social side of school. Cheer auditions were the first place she headed to. Here she met Tina Bell. The girls reputation proceeded her, many whispering about her past, but Ru ignored them. After she told Tina the story of her and Gethin, Tink loved it and the girls love watching Romcom’s and watching wedding shows together. Through Tina’s friends, Ruari also met sweetheart Glinda. The girl’s personalities fit rather well and they’ve become friends. Unfortunately, cheer auditions were not successful this time around. Gethin had to comfort Ru as she’d so been looking forward to becoming a cheerleader. This girl isn’t about giving up on the first try and it’s more than likely that she’ll keep trying and trying until she makes it.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Female Lover Bear from Brother Bear
♠ In a relationship with Gethin Hier
♠ Close friend of Tug Lasee
♠ Friends with Tina Bell and Glinda Snow
♠ Specialises in Tap, Flamenco and Irish Dancing
♠ Very good at fast foot work
♠ Majors in Dance & Performance Studies
♠ Sister of online media Mogul, Jenny Keating

Faceclaim: Bethany Joy Lenz

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Hi there! May I ask how you make the profile pictures like the ones you made for Axel Laurens and Dakota ‘Dim’ Woodley? I think they're really cool looking and I want to make some myself. Thanks! :)

Thank you, nonnie! I can ask Queen Jessicat to whip up a tutorial for you if she’s okay with it.


“A wearable death certificate guaranteeing that the rest of your life will be boring as hell.”
- Axel


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What's a Students Without Boarders club?
So since I came up with this one, I’ll try and give a quick explanation. Students Without Borders (or SWOB) is a club I was a member of when I attended High School and it’s essentially a global issues group. While I was a member, we participated in projects with groups like Me to We/Free the Children, Operation Christmas Child, UNICEF, and other global issues projects between just raising awareness or doing actual fundraising. Hopefully this makes some sense and answers your question.

While on the topic of clubs, reminder to everyone that the list is here and we would love to get some more of the inactive ones moved to the active list, so if you want one of your characters to be as club head, just shoot us a message! ~Mod Kels

Axel Laurens || Nineteen Years Old || Drifters (College) || Fourth Year

"Yeah, but we can forget about him." - Axel

↳ Biography:

Growing up, Axel wasn’t so much a bad egg, just a lazy one. That probably should have been obvious when he was born however because unlike most babies, he didn’t cry when he left his Mother’s womb. As a toddler, he’d much rather just stay inside and sleep all the time which was exactly what he did. The only time he really perked up was when people were annoying him or bullying him, then little Axel would just smash their face in. Not many other children wanted to be around him after that, so even if he wanted friends, the kid spent a lot of his childhood alone. With a naturally grumpy temperament and a dislike for class and anything education related, there really was not much hope for him. 
Moving up into high school however was an interesting turn of events as apparently teenage female girls read Axel’s disdain with the world as being ‘mysterious and brooding’. So, lucky for him, it was relatively easy to pull girls. He just pouted his lips in the right way and fluttered his eyelashes and the girls would practically fall at his feet. Something that he discovered was that he had a habit of corrupting the nice girls that fell for him. An A grade student would sleep with him and after he didn’t call her back, she’d ‘rebel’ and start drinking. Quiet nerdy girls would start hosting the best parties. It was weird. You’d think this would worry a boy however sleeping with girls became even more of a game for him then after that. Axel was the type of kid who’d get 4 STD’s and sleep with atleast 10 girls at Schoolies. Luckily, he didn’t have to do this alone. Somehow at the age of 10, he’d made a good friend in form of Loki Jackman. The pair were perfect wingmen for each other, absolutely inseparable. Each time they saw a girl, one of them would call dibs on her and the other was happy to help him bag her.
Despite the friend front getting better, the school side of his life did not. Axel still messed around and still did not pay any proper attention. He only listened slightly when stuff sounded interesting. Careers such as office work, teaching or general maintenance just would not have suited him in the slightest. If Axel is to do something, it has to be cool and interesting and worth his time. His parents would get him the odd job here and there, hoping that he’d find something that interested him. The boy ended up working in places like funeral directors, hospital morgues, game stores and chocolate factories. Nothing seemed interesting to him. With him barely getting through school and no future aspirations, his parents were truly worried about him.  Slowly, they began to pawn him off on family members. Each of them would have to take him to their place of work and each time, the family member would be sent home early because Axel would have either made someone cry, or intentionally broke something just so that he could go home.
Again, there was no progress until he went to work with his cousin’s boyfriend. Like Axel, growing up he only wanted to do an interesting job and now he was a security guard. He would get hired for things varying from celebrity events to nightclub openings. This was perfect for Axel. There was just something about it that flicked a switch in his head and Axel began to look for college majors that were something do with security and sounded interesting. Eventually he found a major at an academy in America that sounded interesting, called Homeland Security & Disaster Management. Having parents who had never left their home country of Australia, they weren’t too keen on the idea at first but when they realised that Axel was actually interested in this, they went for it. After a few weeks of discussions and sorting out loans, Axel was off. What was even better was the fact that Loki also got his parents to agree to send him to the school.
Arriving at Wishing Well with his best friend was the greatest thing for Axel. Now he actually enjoys what he is studying. In his spare time, he’s either at MMA Club learning some self defense or out wondering on campus with Loki. They are, ofcourse, still up to their no good tricks with girls. It was actually whilst trying to pull that he met Trixie Davis. Upon realising that she was already a relatively corrupted person, Axel subtly moved into normal conversation so as not to make a fool of himself. They actually get along quite well. She’s the perfect person for him to be friends with. The fact that his original intention was to hook up with her has not been shared yet, and probably never will. Lord knows how Trix would react to that information. Through Trix, he met Jack. Sometimes Jack and Axel will find a quiet corner of the school to light up in. Axel’s drug intake has certainly gone up a lot more since attending the school. Then we come to Molt. When he first met Molt, he was with his relatives Isaac and Bryan, and he immediately took pity on the boy. The way that he is treated is just sad. So, Axel used all of his willpower to befriend the boy and is one of the few people who is helping him come out of his shell and actually get his own life. That’s probably the only nice act Axel has ever done, and ever plans to do.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Axel from A Bugs Life
♠ Best friends with Loki Jackman
♠ Friends with Trix Davis, Jack Skellington and Molt Hopper
♠ Dislikes Isaac Rotweiler and Bryan Hopper
♠ Majors in Homeland Security & Disaster Management

Faceclaim: Max Thieriot
Availablity: Open