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Charlie ‘Clink’ Burke || Seventeen Years Old || Smarticles || Third Year 

"He is designed to capture and confine enemies inside of him." - Lilo and Stitch: The Series

↳ Biography:

Born and raised right here in New York City, Charlie Burke has never really known what it would be like to live some place that could be called quiet. He is used to the sights, sounds, and business that comes with being a city boy and enjoys every bit of it. Well, except for the dangerous side of it, which is something he grew up hearing a lot of. Charlie’s father is an NYPD officer, and Charlie grew up in the sometimes hard life of a policeman’s family, never fully certain if his father would come home that night or not. He was always hearing the stories of some of the people his father dealt with or saw coming in and out of the police station. In spite of how this side of city life horrified him, Charlie always looked up to his father. He liked seeing his father a hero, getting all the thugs and other criminals off the streets. It was something he always thought he would like to do and still does to this day. Ever since he was a kid, if someone asked him what he wanted to be, his answer would be ‘I want to be a police officer like my dad’. When he was younger, this idea might have seemed almost laughable. The scrawny little kid definitely didn’t look like he could handle tangling with some of the roughest people on the streets of NYC, but as he grew older and hit a few growth spurts, suddenly no one could doubt him anymore. Aside from his newfound physical strength, Charlie also has a very strong sense of right and wrong. His only problem is that sometimes his views are very black and white. He tends to see things as right or wrong, legal or illegal, with no grey area inbetween, which is why sometimes things his father does confuse him, especially one thing in particular.

Charlie had already been attending Wishing Well for a couple of years when it happened. While out on patrol one night, his father caught a young girl by the name of Samantha. A teenage runaway, thief, and a girl who had escaped the system again and again, Charlie didn’t see anything fit to do with the girl except ship her off to a juvenile detention center again and ensure she stayed there this time. His father, however, seemed to have another idea. To Charlie’s disbelief, Samantha wasn’t even brought to the station the night his father found her. Instead, he brought her back to the family home, gave her a chance to get cleaned up, eat a full meal for a change, and let her stay there the night, saying he would deal with what to do with her in the morning. The next day, which happened to be the first day of the new school year at Wishing Well, Charlie, his father, and Samantha all left the Burke’s New York home to first drop Charlie off. Samantha didn’t talk much, no doubt plotting how she was going to get away once again, and Charlie was fine with that. He really wanted nothing to do with the girl anyway, but his father continued to try and get a bit of conversation from the girl. When they arrived at the school, Charlie’s father brought Samantha with them to the registration office, which was probably a good thing to Charlie’s eyes. After all, they didn’t need her stealing the car or anything. But that was when Charlie’s father did something that really surprised him. While at registration, Officer Burke not only signed his son in, but also the young girl that was with them. Apparently it had been decided that rather than sending her off to a juvenile center or putting her back in the foster system from which she would only run away again, Samantha was to be enrolled at Wishing Well in the hopes that she might be able to be kept there. And now Charlie’s father was also expecting him to keep an eye on her.

Needless to say, Charlie hated this idea, and Samantha didn’t seem too thrilled about it either. Neither of them particularly wanted anything to do with each other, but there was nothing they could do about the situation, especially not after Samantha’s first few escape attempts failed. Apparently, they were both stuck with each other. For quite a while, there was nothing but hostility between the two. Charlie saw Samantha as little more than just a young criminal who should be treated as any criminal and Samantha saw Charlie as an uptight stick in the mud who cared too much about rules and laws. She started calling him ‘Clink’ frequently, considering she said that was where he obviously wanted to throw her. Charlie always tended to be on the wrong side of Samantha’s pranks and spying exploits, which didn’t help their relationship much, and the two continued to be very cruel towards each other for quite a while. However, after a while and without them even noticing it, it became their routine and something they were used to. It started to seem like fun to them and though they still picked on each other constantly, they began to hate each other less. Charlie began to see Samantha as more than being a common street criminal, and instead saw her as just someone who had had a tough go of things for a while. Maybe what she needed wasn’t a correctional facility of any sort, rather she needed people to help her get a better life, which he realized finally was the reason his father left her here instead of shipping her off again. Though the two of them will not be quick to admit it and still get on each other’s nerves constantly, they have finally begun friends, acting sometimes like brother and sister more than anything else.

Another part of why Samantha and Charlie can’t really avoid each other is that they share a lot of the same friends, much to Charlie’s dismay at times. He is often sure how he managed to fall in with people like Samantha as well as their friends Bonnie and Clyde. Much as he first saw Samantha, Bonnie and Clyde are two people he honestly thinks just need to do some time for a bit, even though it probably wouldn’t help much. Still, they aren’t always terrible and Charlie somehow manages to put up with them, though he often has trouble reconciling his conflictions surrounding their lifestyle. He is also friends with Lilo, Stitch, and Angel, all of whom he finds it a lot easier to generally get along with, even if the mischievousness of Lilo and Stitch does sometimes get on his nerves. He and Samantha are also both close to Tootles Skunkwick, Flynn Rider, Asher White, and Adella Saltwater. In both groups, Charlie is often seen as a buzzkill and an uptight stick in the mudd, Tootles often jokes that he even gives Asher a run for his money in that category. Still, even though he finds a lot of his friends actions annoying and can be very uptight, he does actually care about them all and would miss their antics if they ever weren’t around, just don’t tell anyone else that. After all, this future cop does have a law abiding image to uphold.

Charlie has been a member of the Smarticles since his second year at Wishing Well. He is a very bright boy and incredibly intelligent, something he is all too aware of sometimes. It drives a lot of the people he knows crazy, but somehow they all manage to continue to put up with him. Unfortunately, Samantha’s nickname for him seems to have caught on. Almost everyone seems to call him Clink now instead of Charlie, something he isn’t really all that happy about, but it seems it’s not something he can help. He tends to be someone who isn’t really well liked by any of the Nightmares and Evil Queens, mostly for his moral and legal superior attitude that he is always giving off. He tends to try and avoid those sorts of people as much as possible, preferring to stick with other Smarticles or with his strange, unexpected groups of friends or just staying by himself. He’s not exactly a people person, but he honestly doesn’t care much. He tends not to think much of how other people view him at all really. After all, he knows he is right in just about anything, the wrong opinions of others are not to be bothered with.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Clink from Lilo and Stitch: The Series
♠ Aspires to be a cop
♠ Tormenting sibling like relationship with Samantha Riley
♠ Friends with Lilo PalekaiStitch McLarenAdella Saltwater, Asher White, Flynn Rider, and Tootles Skunkwick 
♠ Conflicting relationship with Bonnie and Clyde

Faceclaim: Will Poulter

Casual reminder the following characters would be loved on if they were taken…

  • Sitka, because Charlie wishes to see him, his brother needs him, and Pocahontas needs to be loved on
  • Aladar, because Zini and Suri would appreciate him and Angela wants him a lot
  • Bonnie, because Clyde needs someone to sleep in his bed with him and Charlie would be her best friend
  • Neera, because her brother is here and the De Doito’s would love a friend!

Amber Bramwell || Seventeen Years Old || Fashionistas || Second Year 

"I’m such a good sister." - Princess Amber

↳ Biography:

Amber was an absolute Mommy’s girl. To her, her family had always seemed perfect. Her, her twin brother James and her Mom and Dad were all happy together. There weren’t any problems in her early years and she got along relatively well with her brother. Amber was the typical girly girl. The majority of her time was spent in pink t-shirts and skirts or pretty dresses. For fancy dress parties, she always went as a Princess. Even in primary school, Amber was the one who would lead her friends. The sleepovers were always held at her house and she was the centre of pretty much everything. She owned every Barbie, Bratz Doll and Winx Doll there was to own. Living in a house on the harbour with its own dock, for her 8th birthday she got a boat named after her. Her grandfather had died before she was born so her father has the inherited title of Earl Of Dorset. He also worked as a Corporate Lawyer. His income combined with that of her Surgeon mother, the family never really struggled for money. They were comfortable and family holidays were regular.

It was fair to say that Amber was extremely spoiled and quite bratty. At the age of 10, her parents paid for her to attend private school Royal Preparatory School, or more commonly known as Royal Prep. This certainly didn’t help with her already stuck-up personality. Mixing with the likes of the Queen’s third cousin and royalty from foreign countries, Amber only believed it fair that she got to act like a Princess too. So, at home, she started to demand that her family address her as Princess Amber. Despite all of this, Amber was a pretty good stupid. She didn’t excel in the basic things like Mathematics and English, however in Etiquette, dance and fashion classes she was miles ahead of everyone else. A lot of the teachers actually used to joke that she acted more like royalty than the actual Princes and Princesses that they taught. Amber did befriend a lot of these royals in her time there. Two of her main friends were Clio Borbón, a member of the Spanish Royal Family, and Hildegard Bernadotte, member of the Swedish Royal Family.

These friends certainly came in handy soon as a few weeks before her 12th birthday, there was a big car accident. Her father made it, but her mother did not. Young Amber was distraught. She was absolutely torn up inside, refusing to eat at meal times and refusing to work in school. Everything about her felt broken. Everyone, even the people she’d been mean to at school, worried about her. For a few months, she remained almost silent. She barely spoke, and then suddenly everything came back. People thought it was odd. She was suddenly back to herself. The explanation was so much that she’d just forgotten everything, or simply gotten over it. The memories had been repressed, shoved to the back of her mind. Her father worries, a lot. Her brother, James, who had been much stronger during the hard time was worried about her too. Clio and Hildy began to invite her on family holiday’s with them, to give her a break away. That was when her Father noticed that the more time she spent away from home, the more she seemed to calm down. A nicer, more friendlier Amber would flicker through every now and again. So, he began to look for other school’s for her. A school somewhere far away, where could start fresh and not be bombarded with memories of her late Mother.

It took a little while to figure things out, but eventually it was settled that all three of the Bramwell family would move to New York for 2 month before the kids start attending Wishing Well High at age 15. A few of the other parents who’s kids attending Royal Prep began to think about sending their kids there too, which Amber was over the moon about because it meant that she’d get to have some of her friends with her. It was weird at first, living in a new city. Amber had spent all of her life in Dorset, which was a relatively quiet county. To go from that to the city that never sleeps was a shock. The 2 months there before school really helped however. Her and James explored as much as they could with the Nanny their father had hired, as he was busy preparing for his position as Finances Director. Amber didn’t mind the time apart though, as it meant she got to really re-bond back with her brother who she really did care for so dearly.

Soon enough, school time came around. Amber and James moved out of the apartment they’d been sharing with their Father and into their own dorms. This was the first time in seventeen years that the twins had been separate really, and it was quite strange. Amber did find it hard to make friends at first, with her personality still has harsh. When she did start making new friends however, she was glad she started to open up to new people. One person in particular who has melted Amber’s cold heart a little is Ariel Saltwater. Being around the red-headed girl so often means that Amber has picked up nicer habits.The slightly nicer Amber was certainly a surprise for her two closest friends, Clio and Hildy, when they finally arrived at the school. They were happy though.

The nicer blonde certainly came in useful though as one day Ronald started talking to his kids about a lady he’d met and quite liked. Her name was Miranda Kensington, and she just so happened to also have a daughter at the school. Amber found Sofia Kensington out and definitely wasn’t keen on her at first. She hated the fact that James got along with her, and it certainly didn’t help when James joked that Amber “won’t be the fairest of them all” any more. In fact, her detest for Sofia sometimes made her a little violent, and on the odd occasion she ended up being quite manipulative of James. Amber once tricked him into accidentally tripping Sofia up into a muddy puddle, and that was one of the nicer tricks. Since Miranda works in the student dorms, Amber has already met her a few times and after finding out about her growing romance with her Father, has been nothing but a pain for Miranda. Amber will constantly ask for awkward things, to make it difficult for the woman.

All these pent up emotions really helped with the girl’s fashion pieces though. Putting together avant garde designs that constantly wow her teachers, Amber channels her rage towards a more useful place and she is always extremely proud of her work. Getting everything out like this means that she’s slowly swaying towards Sofia and Miranda. Amber is always doing things to make up for her behaviour towards James. The thought is there that if her Father does end up remarrying, she may as well get along with her new step-sister and step-mother as things will be much easier that way. The blonde is somewhat a sister figure to younger Sofia now, helping her with things, even if it is reluctant at times. After all, Amber is still Princess Amber at heart. She can’t help but be sassy and impatient sometimes.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Princess Amber from Sofia The First
♠ Daughter of Ronald Bramwell
♠ Sister type figure to Sofia Kensington
♠ Twin sister of James Bramwell 
♠ Friends with Ariel, Clio and Hildegard
♠ Attended Royal Preparatory School

Faceclaim: Nicola Peltz