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Ortensia Sadie Malkin II Twenty-Six Years Old II Trainees II Trainee Program

"You’re not the only one who has adventures" -Ortensia

↳ Biography:

Ortensia Malkin’s life has never exactly been ideal. Dropped on the steps of a New York orphanage as an infant, she never knew who her parents were and spent her entire life in a place affectionately known by it’s inhabitants as Wasteland. Though of course that was not the official name of the place, that’s what everyone seemed to call it for as long as Ortensia came remember and honestly, the name sort of fits. All the kids living there had been abandoned and forgotten just like Ortensia herself, but unlike many of the kids that lived in the orphanage, Ortensia was never really bitter or sad about her situation. Instead, she has always been one to try and make the best of things. She never dwelled on the life she didn’t had, but found ways to enjoy the one she did. Ortensia was always a constant ray of sunshine in the sometimes bleak orphanage and she was generally a source of happiness and friendship for all others within the orphanage, especially the bitter young Oswald Capon.

Ortensia and Oswald met when they were both 10 years old and Oswald first arrived at the orphanage. He was a very bitter and closed off boy who initially was always trying to avoid Ortensia as all he wanted was to be left alone, but Ortensia was persistent and eventually managed to be able to begin breaking through Oswald’s walls. He began to open up to her and the two kids became best friends. Throughout the rest of their time at the Orphanage, Ortensia and Oswald were inseparable and, thanks to her, Oswald began to like the orphanage more and even consider it home.

When they were 14, Ortensia and Oswald were both given the opportunity to continue their education at Wishing Well High, one of the top boarding schools in the world that happened to be not too far away from the orphanage they had grown up in. Right from the moment she arrived, Ortensia took right to Wishing Well. She made friends really easily and was well liked by most students and teachers as well. She made good grades and was always quite kind to everyone. Just like back at the Orphanage, Ortensia was a constant ray of sunshine and whether people loved or hated her for it, no one could help but notice her for it. Ortensia was never exactly lacking for male attention, particularly from Pete whose advances were often a bit too much for Ortensia. She did have a few relationships in her first few years at Wishing Well, none of which lasted long. Throughout it all, the most constant thing in her life was always Oswald and when they were in college, the two of them admitted to being in love with each other and have been going strong ever since. They would both eventually graduate and return to the orphanage they grew up in, helping to keep the place running and always trying to find ways to improve it.

Always a very motherly person, Ortensia treated all the children of the orphanage as if she was the mother they didn’t have. She worked hard preparing lunches for them all and would also dedicate hours to working out in the gardens, which has always been one of her favourite hobbies. Though she is very caring and free-spirited, she is also a very no-nonsense type of person and can be very direct, particularly with Oswald. The two of them can have some pretty bitter arguments at times, but Ortensia is always faithful and the two of them care about each other too much to stay mad for long. With the current curators of the orphanage looking to prepare for retirement, it has been planned for Ortensia and Oswald to take the place over which has brought the two of them back to Wishing Well once again, this time as part of the school’s trainee program.

Returning to Wishing Well, Ortensia has fallen back into life at the school very easily. She has made many friends amongst the other Trainees though she is particularly close to Helen Truax and Analie Hedgecoth and also younger College girl Kala Jones, all of whom share Ortensia’s motherly nature. She has also become good friends with the Head Girl, Minnie Mouseling, who also happens to be the girlfriend of Oswald’s younger half brother, Mickey. Ortensia is one of the few people who know of Mickey and Oswald’s relationship and while she can understand why Oswald is bitter about the whole thing with their father, she wishes he would try to get to know Mickey, believing that he would be a lot happier if he could let go of some of his resentment. Though she respects Oswald enough not to try and force anything, it doesn’t stop her from trying to encourage Oswald from time to time. Currently, Ortensia’s main focuses in life are largely based around the orphanage. She is working hard in her training so that she will be able to run the place as soon as possible. She also works part time at a small cafe selling boxed lunches in order to make some extra money, which all ultimately goes back towards improving the orphanage. However, no matter how busy she gets, Ortensia will always make time for her friends. As far as the fighting, drama, and conflict in Wishing Well goes, Ortensia can’t stand it and would love to put a few nightmares in their place. Though she is smart enough not to go looking for trouble, any threat that might come to her friends is something Ortensia simply can’t ignore. If you cross her or anyone she cares about, you can bet she will be giving you a piece of her mind and from Ortensia Malkin, that is enough to make just about anyone choke.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Ortensia from Classic Disney
♠ Girlfriend of Oswald Capon
♠ Has a very motherly nature
♠ Training as a social worker
♠ Works part time in a cafe selling boxed lunches
♠ Close friend of Analie Hedgecoth, Helen Truax, Kala Jones, and Minnie Mouseling

Faceclaim: Diane Kruger
Availability: Open
Kidagakash “Kida” Nedakh II Eighteen Years Old II Adventurers II Third Year

"All will be well Milo Thatch. Do not be afraid." - Kida

↳ Biography:

Kidagakash Nedakh: a girl every bit as exotic as her name and appearance would imply. Growing up on a small island off the coast of Greece, Kida’s life has always been heavily influenced by her family and their culture, which is certainly a very distinct one. Though legally she is recognized as Greek, Kida’s heritage is a bit of a complicated thing to figure out. Her family seems to encompass many nationalities and cultures into one that is distinctly their own that no one else seems to quite understand. As a child, Kida never really questioned this. It was just who she was and her family’s way of life and many other families that lived on their island seemed to share this history and way of life. As she got older, however, she became more and more curious about why her family was so different. Who were they? Where did they come from? And most importantly, what had happened to her mother?

Kida was very young the last time she saw her mother. She doesn’t really remember what happened, all she remembered was that it was a very stormy night and she was laying in bed, frightened by the thunder and lightening when her mother came in and hugged her and tell her that she loved her and say goodbye. Kida didn’t know what was happening, but she could somehow sense that if her mother left, she probably wouldn’t see her again. She ran from her room in tears, trying to hold onto her mother and stop her from leaving, only to be stopped by her father who pulled her into him and told her there was nothing she could do. Kida’s mother left and no one has ever told her why or where she went. Kida knows her mother wouldn’t just leave then since her mother loved her family more than anything and she expects her father knows more than he tells her, but finding the truth seems to be something she will have to do herself and the only starting point she has seems to be rooted in ancient mythology.

Since her mother left, Kida has lived only with her blind father who doesn’t tell her much about anything she curiously asks. However, there is an older woman on the island, one whom most everyone just calls Grandmother, who has told Kida many stories about the ancient, lost city of Atlantis that sank beneath the waves in the time of the Gods. However, one part of the myth she tells differently is that some of the Atlanteans escaped the destruction of their city and relocated to another small island, still maintaining a strong connection to their old home. That island, she said, was the very same one that they were living on and all of its inhabitants were actually the descendants of the people of Atlantis. When she was younger, Kida never really believed these stories, but then something happened that changed her mind. Kida began to discover that she was able to do things that other people couldn’t. She felt very connected to the water and began to discover she had a certain control of it, being able to manipulate it to her will. It’s more than just control though. She feels connected to the water. Like it’s a part of her. The feeling grows even stronger when she is back at her home in Greece, especially around a certain area. It’s like something out there is calling her to it. Even the antique crystal necklace her mother gave to her seems to be a part of it since she swears it feels like something in the crystal comes alive when she uses her powers or gets close to that same place near the island, but of course her father would never allow her to go find out herself. After her mother disappeared, her father became incredibly protective of her, causing a bit of a rift between the two of him. Kida still loves her father very much, but she won’t stop trying to find answers.

It was ultimately this desire for answers that lead to Kida moving to New York and Wishing Well. If no one at home was going to answer her questions, she would just have to find some herself and going to a school that had extensive research materials in just about any subject such as Wishing Well seemed to be a good way to start. Though her father was reluctant to let her go at first, he eventually agreed and so Kida left her island for the first time in her life. At first, it left her extremely homesick and even feeling almost physically ill. She had not realized how strong her connection to her home was and at first being so far away had a very negative affect on her, but she slowly recovered and adapted to her new environment. She throws herself into her work and her research, managing to remain a top student while tirelessly searching for any information on the list city of Atlantis and its people, hoping it might help her figure out more about herself and about her mother. Some people would say she is borderline obsessed and crazy for putting so much effort into finding out about a city that most people say doesn’t even exist, but there is one person who seems to share her interest. Milo Thatch is someone that Kida met quite by accident. She had found a clearing in the woods close to the river where she thought she could practice using her powers without being caught, when a boy with dark hair and glasses stumbled in seeming quite lost. At first, she was worried about him catching her and was a bit distrustful of him, but Milo seemed to quickly earn her trust and promised he wouldn’t tell anyone about her, though he was quite curious and asked Kida a lot of questions about her powers. Sensing she could trust him, Kida opened up to Milo, telling him about where she was from and her search for answers about her family and the city of Atlantis. She was pleasantly surprised when not only did Milo not think she was crazy, but also said that he might be able to help her considering he had a long held interest in finding Atlantis himself, an interest he had originally gotten from his grandfather who had done extensive research in the topic and whose notes Milo now had. Since then, the two of them have been basically inseparable and have become best friends. They seem to ultimately make a pretty good team aside from their shared interest. They are both extremely curious people, though Milo isn’t as adventurous as Kida is. Unlike most people, Milo isn’t bothered by Kida asking a lot of questions, even if sometimes she is too forward and takes things too far. It is possible Kida could have feelings for Milo, but her obsession with finding out more about Atlantis stops her from really thinking about anything like that much, though deep down she can’t help but want for someone to love her the way her father loved her mother.

Kida is a girl that many of her friends have described as a Warrior Princess. She is very skilled in combat and is far stronger than she looks. This is something she shares with Milo’s friend Audrey and it generally serves as common ground between the two girls. She is also just as good. At fighting with words as she is with her body and is a master debater who will put up a strong defence in just about any argument. This can sometimes make her come across as aggressive and forceful, but she really has a kind heart and a general respect for just about anyone. She is a person who is a born leader and fiercely protective of anyone she cares about. In general, she gets along with most of Milo’s friends pretty well, though it took her a little bit longer to become comfortable with them than it did with Milo and they still have not told the rest of their group everything about Kida and the research they are doing. They only people Kida really has issues with are Lyle Rourke and Helga Sinclair. She cannot find it in her to trust either of them and they constantly seem like they are looking for something from Kida and Milo, like the expecting to be led to something. Regardless of whatever their problem is though, Kida will not be stopped from finding the answers she so desperately wants. She is determined to find the truth or go down trying.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire 
♠Friend and potential Love interest of  Milo Thatch
♠Has Hydrokinetic powers and is strongly connected to the water 
♠Descended from the people of the Lost City of Atlantis 
♠Actually of Royal heritage making her connection to her ancestor’s home even stronger 

Facecliam: Zoe Kravitz 
Availability: Open

Damian ‘Lock’ Andrews II Sixteen Years Old II Drifters II First Year

"To Oogie Boogie, of course. There’s no where in the whole world more comfortable than that." - Lock

↳ Biography:

Damian Andrews is the oldest of the deadly trio that consists of him, Shock and Barrel. Like his two friends, he was dropped off at the orphanage at an early age; He was a toddler who’s parents died in a house fire and they had no other family to contact. The poor child remained in shock, distraught by this for the majority of his early childhood. He was consumed by the feeling of lonliness and he would skip play time to sit at the window next to his book, just staring outside. It was clear to see that he wasn’t even staring at anything. His eyes were vacant and his mind wondering to thought about why the world had to be so cruel. What added to these thought was that other children in the orphanage used to bully him and call him names. At the young age of six, it was obviously hard on him to handle. One nickname that they gave was ‘Lock’, their reasoning behind that he was locked inside his own mind and to never enjoy life or be a normal kid. 

One little girl didn’t quiet agree to this and was in fact the first child to ever come over to him. This child would soon become one of his best friends - Astrid Salem. The two surprisingly, instantly hit it off and she was the one to break the chain inside his mind and bring him back to reality. Despite ultimately leading him to the darker and more fun side of life, Astrid did actually give him something he needed. A real childhood. The two were a dynamic duo for a little while silently ruling the orphanage and the other children with an iron fist of fear, playing pranks and stealing toys they had an amazing time. The duo became a duo with the added body of strange boy Nathan Hawthorne made it even more amusing. The kids that used to bully Lock now fearing him like he used to fear them. Together, they were brilliant. Lock, Shock and Barrel were astounding, an inseparable trio that no one could break apart.

When he was fifteen, Lock and Shock were the two children picked that year to attend Wishing Well boarding school. Every year the school selected two children from the orphanage as it is the closest one and funds their education up until their 23. Hoping it would give Lock the best possible chance in life after the hardship he’d faced, they chose him. Just sending him to a different school however didn’t mean in anyway that the trio wouldn’t carry on with their antics. The pranks were more subtle at first, Barrel “visiting” often to do things with them. They had to stay on the down low though to make sure that Barrel could successfully join them properly the following year. As expected, a year later, Barrel moved to the school and it was then that they took on the school by storm. After a few pranks and trips to the head teachers office, the school knew their names and knew they shouldn’t be messed with.

Lock is the biggest joker of the group and even though he is the eldest, he isn’t really the leader. No one could ever fault the amazing leadership skills of the smart and beautiful Shock Salem. Lock has always had a crush on Shock for as long as he can remember. After all, she was his first friend and for that he is eternally grateful to her and would do just about anything for her. Their relationship is like no other. He is also the only person to ever call her Astrid as he knew her personally before Shock became the name she went by just as she is the only person to ever call him Damian as she knows the painful real origin of his nickname. Whilst at Wishing Well, a late-night conversation one night meant that Shock admitted to have feelings for him. Obviously, the boy was astounded to find that the girl he’d always liked, liked him back. So, a relationship followed. They did almost everything together, becoming only closer than they were before if possible. It was an extremely toxic relationship and soon enough, it collapsed. Lock began to watch Shock act with Barrel how she used to act with him. To most people, the trio appear as close as ever. Behind closed doors, harsh words and shared and exchanged, and their friendship strained.

Whilst at Wishing Well, Lock met a girl by the name of Pocahontas Matoaka. Though they probably seem like two people who would never get along, that has never really been the case. She was mischievous, adventurous, and not really princessy like the other Elites, which were ultimately the qualities that drew him to her. As Pocahontas began to attract more attention from the Nightmares and Lock’s relationship with Shock began to form, they both needed something the other would ultimately become. Pocahontas needed someone to look out for her when she couldn’t look out for herself and Lock just needed someone he could talk to and go to for advice. These roles and their friendship would continue to be strengthened to the point where their relationship was truly more like that of siblings than friends. Lock was actually the one to come up with her now commonly used nickname: Pocky. At first, only Lock himself and Pocahontas’ friend Tink (whom he affectionately calls Glock while she calls him Key) were allowed to use this name, but as it has caught on, Lock has had to get used to other people using his name for her, though it still bothers him a bit. Tink herself is a girl who could basically be described as being so many of the girly things that Lock would find annoying, but he put up with her for Pocky’s sake and ultimately began to like her too. His friendship with them means that Lock is actually now capable of making friends with other people. These skills are new  things he’s never had before so makes the most of it. Lock has found a role-model type figure in older student Jack Skellington. In fact, the entire trio adore Jack and the four are often seen to be plotting together. Jack is also the person who Lock goes to for help on how to deal with things, such as his feelings about Shock. There is also Gideon Worthington. The two are quite similar in that they both have harsh personalities and don’t really care much for many people. Many people see the pair as horrible however you can gurantee that at Christmas and on birthdays, they exchange gifts. Manly gifts, like shotguns and slingshots ofcourse. Don’t be fooled by his rare acts of kindness towards his friends though. Lock is very, very calculated. He could literally have you knocked out and have your head shaved and a video uploaded to youtube in about 10 seconds flat. His personality is still quite harsh after those years of bullying and no amount of friendship can fix that. Now, if he does see people who he thinks he could be friends with, he’ll go for it and try. The trust issues that he had from loosing his parents are slowly fading away and as far as he concerned, he isn’t bother if people break the bond of trust, he’ll just prank them later on for it. More fun for him. Let that be your warning. Messing with Lock, Shock or Barrel results in public humiliation just try to not get not their bad side, because for them it’s trick or treat every day of the week.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Lock from The Nightmare Before Christmas
♠ Ex-boyfriend of Shock
♠ Best friends with Barrel, Jack Skellington and Gideon Worthington
♠ Brotherly figure to Pocahontas Matoaka

Facecliam: Thomas Sangster
Availability: Open

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Reminder - wwhooc is now a tag available to use for ooc posts.

Katherina ‘Kata’ Sevani II Twenty-One Years Old II Smarticles (College) II Sixth Year

Look at the sweet little thing!" - Kata

↳ Biography:

Katherina has always been an independent person. Growing up, she taught herself her times tables and how to tie her shoelaces. There was no way she would have let her mother teach her how to do it. On the playground as a toddler, she was the one coming up with games for people to play and was stupid enough to fall for dares such as eating worms or dirt. In fact, she found most other children intolerable. Her parents really worried because when it would come to birthdays, she’d throw tantrums because they wanted to host parties for her. She’d much rather go bowling or to a playhouse with her cousin-come-sister ‘Anda’. Anda, who’s name is actually Andrea, is her cousin. Their mother’s are sisters so they were practically brought up as sisters rather than cousins. They did as much as they could together. Unfortunately, they went to different schools growing up but as soon as that bell rang, she raced out and didn’t even acknowledge her fellow students. Andrea’s nickname of ‘Anda’ came from the fact that when the pair were young, Katherina couldn’t pronounce Andrea. It came out as Anda. The same went for Katherina and her nickname of Kata. Andrea couldn’t pronounce Katherina properly.

When the teenage years came around, Katherina only got even more independent and confident in herself. Boys weren’t even a thing for her. They were just stupid and ignorant and definitely not worth her time. Her best friend, Anda, however had very different opinions on boys. At sleepovers, Kata would have to endure Anda listing countless boys and celebrities she found cute. Being intelligent in general, Katherina had developed a talent for the editing software Photoshop so ofcourse, Anda took advantage of this and would make Kata make manips of her and the celebrities that she liked or maybe even mock-ups of what their children would look like. The words “You are so lucky you’re my cousin and I love you” were said many a time. As far as Kata was concerned though, atleast she was more obsessed with celebrities who were ureachable rather than real life boys… Atleast, not yet. Around the age of 15, Anda started to have countless boyfriend after boyfriend, all of them messing her around. As both of the girls were only children, it was Kata who would give the boys the ‘Break her heart and I break your face’ speech.

Kata was very intellectual in general. Her mother was a dance teacher and her father was a chemistry teacher at the local high school, also qualified in mathematics. If Anda wasn’t available to hang out with, usually because of her going shopping or with boys, neither things of which Kata enjoys, she’d sit down and read her parents books. This meant that she learnt all about posture, muscles, chemistry, mathematics, algebra and many more things. Most other people began to find her unbearable to be around because she’d constantly correct them on their knowledge; It didn’t bother her that nobody wanted to hang around with them because she didn’t want to hang around with them either. When she was actually with Anda, Kata had a personality that people wouldn’t believe she had. Kata, with her friends, is sweet and funny and relaxed. She’s got a stunning smile. She was a total darkhorse with a secret love for knitting and design. Kata and Anda dreamed of running a sweater and beanie company when they were older. The name however, currently at Katanda, is still in the works. Whilst they planned that out however, their parents had different ideas. The girls mothers broke it to them one evening that they were being sent to a school in New York City to further their education. They had little choice in the matter.

Being from the English coastal town of Whitehaven, this was a big change for the girls but they quickly grew to be excited. Atleast they were doing the move together. Upon arrival, the girls were blown away. Something Katherina loved was the fact that finally there were people who were as intelligent as she was. She found that student Flint Chapman, like her, had a talent for technology so they clicked well. Pascal Vincent’s good nature and tolerancy for people meant  that she found him easy to get along with too. Something that Kata surprised herself with was how she felt towards the younger years. She found the first years absolutely adorable and any time she saw one of them stressing over homework in the library, the blonde leapt at the chance to help them. The first years were always very grateful and her name is popular amongst the shyer first years as someone who they can go to for help. It was this, combined with the encouragements from Anda, that gave Katherina the confidence to start a homework help club for the First Years. What does make her uncomfortable about the younger years though is that two students by the names of Rutt and Tuke who seem to have grown to be creepily obsessed with her and Anda. Kata doesn’t quite know how to handle their obsessions and random love letters and mixtapes they send. Something else that Kata surprised herself with was how well she gets along with student, Jervis Tetch. Katherina loves seeing how he cares for some of his younger year friends and deep down she thinks that she has feelings for him. It isn’t something she’d ever admit to though as boys were never a thing for Katherina Sevani.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Kata from Brother Bear 2
♠ Has a sister-type relationship with Anda
♠ Close friends with Flint Chapman and Pascal Vincent
♠ Slight feelings for Hatter
♠ Runs a homework club for First Years

Faceclaim: Jennifer Morrison
Availability: Reserved

Well hello there people of the dash. Just popping in after staying at the mothers to say that today I shall be dedicating myself updating Lock’s bio from The Nightmare Before Christmas, making graphics for Barrel and also starting bios for Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison as I am aware that a lot of people are dearly in love with their faces. Any questions or what not, don’t be scared to drop a message in whilst I’m busying away and listening to motivational 8tracks playlists because they are basically the reason I ever get any work done. Peaceee out. - Mod Charlie xoxo





Lin Sun II Twenty-Two Years Old II Fashionistas (College) II Seventh Year

"You are a disgrace! You may look like a bride, but you will never bring your family honor! - The Matchmaker

↳ Biography:

You’d best be watching your steps around the halls because Lin Sun has arrived and has her eyes on everyone. An extremely judgmental girl, Lin watches and keeps track of what goes on with anyone and everyone. Your first impression is all that truly matters to this girl, and once she has an opinion of you, it is almost impossible to change it. Just getting passed any prior prejudice she has it hard enough, let alone ever changing her opinions.

Lin grew up in China living next door to the Fa family including their young daughter, Mulan. She was often forced to play with or babysit the younger girl, something that Lin never particularly enjoyed. Mulan was far to tomboyish for Lin’s liking who was quite like a princess herself. Lin always tried to be a proper young lady and to get Mulan to be so as well, but it never seemed to work well and eventually Lin just gave up and began to come up with any excuse possible to avoid having to spend time with Mulan who she felt could never really amount to anything in proper society.

Lin come from a very rich family in China and so was always raised to be ladylike, well mannered, and to live properly in high society. She is also beautiful and clever and she knows it, which makes her a very prideful and snotty person. She thinks very highly of herself and lowly of anyone she thinks is below her. Which is pretty well everyone back home. Coming to Wishing Well was a bit better. Her parents sent her there about the time they heard that was where the Fa family were sending Mulan, thinking that it would be good for Lin to get the best education available to her. Arriving at the school, Lin fell quickly into the Fashionistas partially through the friendship she formed with Atta Reed, another high society girl who is one of the few people that Lin doesn’t look down on.

Two girls that Lin really does not like are Madie Armoire and Dolly Bennet, who Lin often questions how they could even get into a school like Wishing Well. She is never anything but nice to their faces, but the other girls see through this pretty easily, Maddie more so than Dolly. Besides them, Mulan and her friends are still the people that Lin dislikes the most. Except for one, anyway. Lee Shang is a guy who Lin likes more then most of the others in that little group. In fact, she really likes him and is really just waiting for him to realize that fact since, come on, she’s Lin Sun. She could get any guy that she wants no problem. She also considers herself pretty good at matching other people up into suitable couples and enjoys playing matchmaker for people, whether they want her to or not.

Lin is a girl who is very impatient. She hates waiting for anything or anyone under any circumstances. She is also very short tempered, so it is generally a good idea to try and stay off of her bad side at ll costs. On top of all of that, she is also very harsh and rude to anyone who gets on her nerves or even just anyone she just doesn’t find tolerable. She is a mean girl with power and a pretty face who would do anything to make sure things go her way.

♠ Based on The Matchmaker from Mulan
Is very blunt and hardly has much company because of it
♠ Is perceived as smug and snooty

Faceclaim: Kikuchi Rinko
Availability: Open

Ralph Gerrig II Nineteen Years Old II Jocks II Fifth Year

I guess it turns out that I don’t really need a medal to prove that I’m a good guy.” - Wreck it Ralph

↳ Biography:

Ralph grew up in the heart of Boston, so he’s no stranger to the city. His father was a janitor for the owner of a big high class hotel in the city. So maybe he wasn’t living the life of luxury, because his dad’s salary was the only source of income for the two of them, but he and his dad got to live in the hotel as a part of the job. Perhaps the room in the basement wasn’t as glamorous as the penthouse, but it was somewhere to live. Living in the basement, and not having a lot of money made Ralph feel a lot like an outsider as he grew up. The residents of the plush hotel seemed to always be looking down on him, and his messy attire. It brought Ralph down a little. He always wanted to be a part of the popular crowd, and it frustrated him sometimes that his financial status was what was holding him back. Once or twice he lashed out at his dad, but he apologized each time, knowing it wasn’t his dad’s fault that they didn’t have a lot of money. Later, a school counselor suggested that he had anger management issues.

In particular, Ralph was jealous of Felix Bonds. Felix was everything that Ralph wanted to be. He was popular, well liked, and in good economic standing. Ralph was endlessly frustrated by what Felix had, and even further frustrated by the fact that he can’t hate him for it. Felix was just the all around good kind of guy that no one could hate. Not that Felix went out of his way to include Ralph, but he always seemed to be apologetic, and flat out refused to be rude to Ralph like the other residents of the hotel were. Ralph just wants to be his friend, and have friends like Felix does when it all boils down to it.

At about the age of 15, Felix started doing odd jobs trying to earn extra money for his dad. A lot of them were physically taxing, and as a result he became incredibly strong. He applied this, as well as his tendency to have angry outbursts, to physical sports, primarily football. It would have been an understatement to say he was good, and people noticed. One such person was the athletic recruiter for Wishing Well. After a particularly spectacular football game, the scout came down and offered Ralph a full ride scholarship, provided he would be on the Wishing Well football team. After talking it over with his dad, Ralph decided to accept it, and he moved to New York to further his education. He desperately hoped he would make friends in this new environment.

Upon first arriving at the school, Ralph tripped and dropped all his bags. He had some bitter thoughts about how terrible of a start that was, but he saw a hand extended to help him up. It was the hand of none other than Vanellope Van-Shweetz. She offered to help him get settled in, and over coffee later the pair bonded over the fact that where they came from they used to be outsiders. Ralph is extremely protective of Vanellope, as she was his first friend, and they’ve grown next to inseparable in the time since. They tend to fondly call each other stupid names like “stinky diaper baby” and “dummy mc dumbface”.

The jocks clique at Wishing Well is the perfect fir for Ralph. He’s got a knack on the field, and for most of the jocks, that’s enough to be friends with him. Sometimes he might butt heads with a few of them, Rex Ralph in particular, due to their similar tempers, but on the whole, the clique gives him a feeling of acceptance that he had never felt before. In particular, Jared Meeko and Kocoum Sonoka are close to him. As far as love, well, a certain Georgette Bilson has definitely caught his attention. She’s a lot like the snooty girls from home, but there’s something else about her, like he almost sees something more beneath it. Ralph likes to think the best in everyone, including himself. Georgette might have a run for her money though, if Tina “Tink” Bell has any say in it. Since seeing Ralph on the football field, she’s made it a personal mission to have him fall in love with her, as he should.

→ Side Note:

♠ Based on Wreck it Ralph from Wreck it Ralph
♠ Has minor rage issues sometimes, which he uses to fuel his skill in contact sports
♠ Best friend of Vanellope Van-Shweetz
♠ Potential love interests: Georgette Bilson and Tina Bell

Facecliam: Cory Monteith
Availability: Open

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